Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where Sebastian Came From

I've had a few people ask me where Sebastian came from. I kind of answered this on Jolene's blog the other day, but I wanted to go into more detail here.

I was always friends with a lot of guys in high school. I had a couple close girlfriends, but the majority of the people I hung out with were boys. I went to a small school with 98 kids in my graduating class--400 in the whole school, so we were pretty close and my group of friends was a decent size.

Sebastian is a lot like those boys I knew.

I'll use two in specific for example. D and P. They were a crack up. They were always the guys who made you crack up laughing. They were silly and goofy and drank too much at parties. I swear it was like they were always in competition for something. They gave each other crap nonstop, whether it be about a girl or something silly one of them said or something embarrassing one of them did. They called each other names and laughed at each other.

But they loved each other too.

They could give each other a hard time, but if someone else did it, one was right there by the other's side. When one wrecked his car and his parents didn't give it back, the other woke up early to pick him up for school everyday. They ended up walking together at graduation and when D got married about five years after graduation, guess who was his best man? They're still friends to this day.

A lot of the guys were the same way with me. I was "the friend". I had all the guys as friends and I didn't really date. Anyone. It's hard sometimes when you're in that category. I struggled with it at the time, but now I know how very lucky I was.

But yeah... in a lot of ways, I was one of the guys. They teased me. Picked on me. They used to make me SO mad sometimes. They laughed when I had a crush on a boy and yes, they ditched me for girls, probably too many times to count... but they protected me too.

One of the only times I really did date a boy, he was from a different town. He came over to my house to hang out one time and I had a few of my guy friends over. There was a basketball court across the street and they were all playing and then later the boy and I were talking and he said to me, "Any guy you go out with would have to be an idiot to ever hurt you. You have way too many guy friends who care about you." To this day I don't know if that was just an observation or if one of them warned him, but it felt pretty cool.

And another time when something bad did happen to me and I was having a hard time, I remember waking up one morning and there were wildflowers on the table by my bed, wrapped in a wet paper towel. One of them had come to my house early and my mom let them in to make sure I was happy when I woke up. I have countless stories like this.

These were the same boys who compared penis size. LOL. The same boys who argued about which one was cooler or who got more girls or teased me when they left me behind. And I was okay with it because I knew in my heart, that no matter what they had going on, if I needed them, they'd be there.

That's what I wanted for Sebastian, Jaden, Aspen and Pris. The friendships are the same. The core values are the same. The one thing I wanted when I wrote Sebastian was the loyalty my guy friends had. I wanted Sebastian to be what in MY experience are teen boys (not saying this is ALL teen boys). But they weren't always politically correct and they could come off harsh sometimes, but like those boys, my favorite thing about Sebastian is his loyalty. He would do anything for Aspen, Pris and Jaden the same way my friends would have done anything for me or each other.

So, I know this is a really, REALLY long post and I'm sorry about that. I probably could have said it easier, but yeah... this is what I wanted when I wrote Sebastian. This is what I hope I achieved.

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  1. I'm inspired by you, Nyrae. I wish I could create as real characters as you do. You have such a gift of bringing life to the page!

  2. It's so cool that you were lucky enough to have had those close friendships, and even better that you could bring them to life in a book! Sebastian is a wonderful character! :D

  3. I love this. I was wondering about who Sebastian was inspired by. I also like that you created a new story to what YOU wanted things to be like based on these 2 guys. I really love that. The power of fiction! You can change fate! I love it.

    I graduated in '98 and all the cool guys wore Van's, played guitar and had a skateboard. I think that style is timeless. Ha! Got my heart beatin' a little bit faster.

  4. Morgan,
    You CAN!! You're phenonemal!

  5. Mary,
    We graduated the same year! Lots of Vans, skateboards and guitars. LOL.

  6. Hey look! A new blog layout and background!

    Sounds like you had some really great friendships. I did too, but they were all girls! It was only after I left school that I got myself some guy friends :)

    If you portrayed those special friendships in your book as well as you just did in this post, then your book must be fantastic - and I'm looking forward to reading it!

  7. Made of awesome. Boys really can be nice :-D

  8. YAY boys! Love your buttons. They are awesome.


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