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Two of my really good friends, Jolene Perry and Stephanie Campbell wrote this book called, MY HEART FOR YOURS. I didn't know much about it before they wrote it, but once I was lucky enough to start reading, I fell instantly in love.

It's incredible.

It's gorgeous.

Beautiful writing.

And Tobin is so, so, so hot. LOL.

It's an emotional journey and these two nailed it!

For Tobin and Delia, everything was always equal.

A bargain, a trade, a deal to be struck.

A kiss for a kiss.
Your shirt for mine.
Break my heart, I’ll break yours.

Their disastrous split was no different. Tobin’s spent the last year pretending Delia never existed, and Delia’s been in D.C., pretending to be anything but the country girl that she is.

When tragedy brings her back to town, Tobin and Delia realize that time apart hasn't healed either one of them. But staying away from each other is harder than they imagined, especially in small town Louisiana, and old feelings are quickly brought back to the surface.

In the mess they’ve created, is there anything to be salvaged of a love that they both thought would be forever?

I asked them both to give me a little excerpt. Here's Steph's excerpt. She wrote Tobin.

“Come on, Delia,” I whispered as loudly as the silent night would allow. Delia hovered half-in, half-out of her bedroom window. She surveyed the ground for the fiftieth time.
“What if I get caught?” she asked. She bit her bottom lip and checked the ground again.
“You sure as shit will if we spend any more time hanging outside like this. I’ve got you baby, trust me,” I said.
She finally relented and slipped out the window. It wasn’t that far of a drop, but for Delia Gentry, who had never broken her daddy’s curfew before, it probably felt like leaping off the top of the town water tower.
I caught her, just like I promised her I would.
“You ready?” I asked, clutching her hand.
“I’m a little nervous,” she said. She tugged on the tips of her bangs.
“Don’t be, they’ll love you,” I assured her. I didn’t dare tell her how completely over-dressed she was for a crawfish boil. But she looked freaking gorgeous and I couldn’t wait to dance with her.

And here's and excerpt from Jolene who wrote Delia.

“I brought you a beer, but you might not be a—”

I popped the top and downed nearly half the bottle, hoping to swallow some of my dancing nerves.

“—beer drinking girl.” He chuckled as he popped the top off of his.

We sat in silence, the dark heat of the air pressing down on us, our legs dangling off the dock. I took a few more swallows. The beer tasted less horrible than I expected. Maybe that was just because of the company.

“Wanna swim?” he asked.

“What?” I set my bottle down.

“Swim, Delia.” He smirked. “People do it in the water.”

“My parents might sleep like the dead, but I’m not sure about Becky’s.” I jerked my head back toward her house. Mostly I’d started to realize that I’d have to strip down there, or before I went back through Becky’s window. I knew I should strip before getting wet, but no guy had ever seen me in less than a swimsuit before.

“I can jump into the water without squealing like a girl if you can.” The look in his face was pure challenge. Always.

It took every ounce of courage I had in me to strip off my shirt and shorts. I was thankful I’d thought to wear a matching bra and panties and jumped in without a word.

Holding my breath to keep the water, my squeals, and my nerves at bay.

Tobin stood on the edge of the dock with his mouth hanging open before frantically pulling off his shorts and t-shirt, nearly falling over before half-tripping and half-jumping off the dock.

Love, love, love. I'm giving away an ebook to one lucky winner. Just follow my blog, comment and add an email and that's all. I'll draw and announce a name on Monday, May 14th!

Good luck!

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  1. Whoa. This sounds like a great book. I'm so adding it to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yay! I am so in! :D And I believe you already have my email address ;)

  3. Wow, this sounds intense and so good. Follower.

  4. This sounds so good! Adding it to my goodreads right now, thanks! :)


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  6. This sounds like a great book I would really enjoy.

  7. Gaaaaaah... I seriously CANNOT WAIT to read this book!!!!!!!! :D

  8. I just recently added this to my Goodreads list...can't wait.

  9. I saw this on Goodreads and have been dying to read it!! I love that teaser :) This is my kind of book!

    Thanks for the chance <3


  10. Aw. What a cute idea. This sounds like a book I could sink my teeth into.

    My email is mrhmccann @ gmail . com.

  11. you ROCK, lol.

    Also - I love that both Steph and I picked a flashback scene for ours. Too funny.

  12. Darn. Already bought it. Should've waited, but couldn't resist.

  13. Sounds amazing!! I'd love to read it.

  14. Borrowed this book from my best friend a while ago, AMAZING. I'd love to own it so I can read it again :)

  15. Sounds like a great book.


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