Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jaden is almost here!

I finally have a release date for WHAT A BOY NEEDS. Okay, I guess I really can't use the word finally because it's not like it's been forever and ever, but it totally feels like it to me. Probably because even though there was editing and re-reading going on, I actually finished WHAT A BOY WANTS two years ago!

And it doesn't take me that long to write a book. LOL. I swear. But I've held onto Sebastian for a long time. Jaden's book has only been in the works about six weeks.

I have no idea why I went into all of that. The point of this post is Jaden has a release date! YAY.

Can I say that I am seriously SCARED. I am so nervous that it won't live up to expectations or I'll fall flat on something or yada, yada, yada. LOL. Releasing a book is scary. Releasing a companion novel is terrifying.

That's enough about that though. I'm SO hot (no I'm not thinking like Sebastian. I'm talking temperature here!). I am not ready for summer and it is officially here in SoCal. I wish it would rain for like a week straight just to give me a little break.

Thanks for all the ideas on what hubby and I should do on Friday. We had a good time. Just did dinner and chatted, which we seriously need. Way too much going on with his dad being sick :(

How was your weekend?

And because I like cool pictures and this is a rambling post anyway, I want to share this picture... I think it's a John Green quote, but it reminds me of Jaden...

And I totally almost forgot the reason of this post. Sigh. WHAT A BOY NEEDS will release Tuesday June 12!

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  1. Were you gonna tell us the date or planning on torturing us a bit longer? Congrats! Really looking forward to reading his story!

  2. There's something for you on my blog.

  3. Yay! Let the countdown begin!

  4. Yay!! That's my birthday! I love the release date! hehe :-)

  5. People are going to LOVE it.

    More emotional that What a Boy Wants, with all of the sexy tension :-D

  6. I can't wait!! Glad you and your hubby had some you time, I know you will need it.

    Thinking of you. XOXO.


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