Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Savoring the Journey

*Possible spoilers for the movies: The Vow, This Means War and Hitch below. LOL

On Valentines Day my husband and I went to see the movie, "The Vow". Now, going into the movie I knew the couple would end up together. It's something that pretty much everyone knows going into the flick, but I still enjoyed it. It was still a beautiful love story, IMO.

I recently watched This Means War. The second the ex-wife and child stepped into the picture I knew what would happen. Still laughed my butt off in that movie like I haven't laughed for a LONG time. But yeah... I knew.

Hitch? Yep, obviously Will Smith would end up with Eva Mendez. Again another good movie though.

What's my point in my talking about this, you might ask? For me, sometimes it's ALL about the JOURNEY. That road that you know may end up with A & B getting to C, but its how they get there that matters. The lessons they learn along the way. How they make you FEEL as your taking this trip with them. Are you cheering them on? Laughing? Swooning? Crying? Did it give you entertainment? Care about the characters?

When I read or watch a movie it's all about the emotions I feel. How I connect or bond with the characters. That's what touches me.

Now I'm not saying that everyone should feel the same. Also not saying that means that writers, screen writers, movie directors whoever it may be shouldn't try to write stories that make the reader or viewer guess. Not saying that they shouldn't work hard to make a story unpredictable AND one that makes you feel and fall in love. But--and I think more so in contemporary--but I think a lot of the time, we all know 2+2 is going to equal 4. It's just exciting to see how the characters work out the equation.

What do you think? Is it more about the journey for you or are you one who looks for those more complicated plots that leave you guessing the whole time?

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  1. Totally agree with you! I would have hated if the couple in The Vow didn’t end up together just as much as I would have hated if Sebastian and Aspen didn’t end up together. I hate seeing reviews for books or movies where they complain that the ending was predictable.

    14 more days until What a Boy Needs, woo-hoo!
    Nereyda @Mostly YA Book Obsessed

  2. I think people get obsessed with a surprise ending, after Mills and Boon romances sell by the bucketload despite being so predictable. James Bond movies are hardly surprising either, but that stop millions going to see them.

    Maybe it's just critics and small minded people who want to be surprised every time.

  3. I think any smart person will know what genre they're reading and a bit what to expect.

    When I pick up a book like - What a Boy Wants ;-O
    I know I'm up for a fun journey. There's no huge mystery on will they be together, but the tension's still there and the journey is a blast.

    I remember in The Next Door Boys, the moment Brian comes into the picture, my husband said - oh, so that's why she ends up with, right?

    Ugh! lol. But that's not the point of the story - I totally agree - in romance, the JOURNEY is where it's at.

    ALSO - when I'm reading lit fic, you can almost always assume that one of the two main characters will
    2.become terminally ill to die shortly
    3. make the really sucky decision that keeps them apart...

    SO even there, it's not really UNpredictable.

    WOW. I had lots to say on this. Might do my own post, lol


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