Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sebastian Speaks: Readers

Bastian here.

I'm totally late on this post. Nyrae's been hounding me for it, but like I tell her, you can rush genius, to which she replied, "No, it's more like you can't rush a teenage guy" but whatever. I like my version better.

So, part of the reason this wasn't posted on the first is I couldn't figure out what to talk about. I know, I know. Shocking. Usually you can't shut me up, but this is serious shit. Nyrae's trusting me and I have a rep to uphold here.

Which brings me to my first post. I decided to talk about readers. YOU to be exact. I know, sweet, right?

I'm probably about to take a pillow to the head for this next part, but I've never really been much of a reader *dodges flying fists and pillows*

But yeah, I've never really been the type to sit down with a book, but ever since Nyrae told my story, I've realized one thing.

Readers kick ass.

YA readers especially.

You don't want to mess with readers. They're loyal, passionate, cool... wow, that sounds like me! *dodges another attack*

I'm sort of kidding with that one, but yeah, this has been a pretty cool journey. People are cheering on my girl and I, which yeah, how can you not cheer for my girl? She's awesome. My boy seems pretty popular. Nyrae's working like crazy on Jaden's story and that's frickin' cool. I'm ready to find out what's going down with Jay myself. Pris too.

It's been pretty cool.

So yeah, what I've learned through this is readers fierce. Kind of makes me want to pick up a book.

Alright, gotta go. Aspen's waiting and we have stuff to do today.

Ca'cha later.



  1. Oh, Bastian. you know reading is sexy right? Try it and see your girl's reaction.

  2. Luv Bastain. ;0) it's ok that you don't read, most boys your age don't. And your readers are awesome. They seem to really love your story. It has to be your charming personality.

  3. Bastian here.

    Reading IS sexy. My girl is a big reader. I think I'm going to pick it up ;)

  4. Aww, Bastian is so awesome! <3

  5. LOVE this.

    Good thing you weren't speaking at a conf, Bastian, cause there would have been a lot more fists flying...

  6. LOVE these Sebastian Speaks posts! I really think it helps connect with the character and it makes me want to read your book again!!!

    Hi Sebastian!!

  7. Hi and bye Bastian! Thanks for stopping in :)

  8. Oh Bastian! You are so right about readers! We get ourselves attached to characters! Very sexy btw. And if you need a book rec - I got you covered.


  9. Yes, Bastian. Read. It would make your momma proud. Well, more proud than she already is of you. And it is hella cool to read. Just one more trait to add to your pure awesomness. ;) Say hi to Aspen for me.

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  11. Oh, Bastian. You seem to always know what to say to make the lady-readers melt. <3 you!


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