Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Updates and stuff ;)

I know I said I would post the first chapter of WHAT A BOY NEEDS on Wednesday and I'm so sorry I didn't. The reason is... it might change a little bit. I'm not for sure, so I'm working a few things out in my head before I post it. I WILL release it before the book though. I promise!

Wanna hear something cool??

I ONLY HAVE ONE CHAPTER AND AN EPILOGUE TO WRITE!!! Possibly two chapters and an epilogue depending on how these last couple things work out, but STILL. I am so super close to finishing!!!

I am seriously STOKED about that and I need something to be stoked about something right now.

Soo.... YAY.

There will still be some editing to go... revising, depending on what my fantastic beta readers have to say, but still, this is a HUGE step and they're usually pretty speedy :)

This is totally off topic, but my husband and I might get to escape for a couple hours tomorrow evening. We don't get to do that often, but we've had so much going on emotionally, with his father being in the hospital and stuff, that we need to get out and breathe a little bit.

My question is... WHAT SHOULD WE DO??

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  1. Yay! Awesome news, Nyrae! I was coming on here to ask when Jaden's book would be out, actually, and am happy to hear how far you've come with writing it.

    A night out with the hubby sounds fabulous! Have a wonderful time, Nyrae! ^_^

    As for what to do...Hmm... Do you enjoy the movies? I just watched Avengers, last weekend, and really enjoyed it. Whatever you end up doing, though, just enjoy the time together!

    Warm regards,
    Lady Jayne

  2. Happy to hear things are going so well w/WaBN. Super excited to read it.

    I'm always happy to have a piece of time w/hubby. A nice meal always makes me feel better. Enjoy your night!

  3. Ooo, enjoy the night out with the hubby. I don't have a hubby, so I'm not the best person to ask. But I'd assume everyone likes to be served a meal while having a relaxing evening with wonderful conversation? :)

  4. Oh nice! Love that you're getting so close. Cannot wait for Jaden's story. What is up with that boy???

    As for time with hubs - hmmmm.....What calms you? If it was me, I want to go the the mountains that are my backyard but night doesn't work for that. Next best thing is to be outside somewhere natural - like a park or something. Nature calms me.

    Hang in there girl!


  5. Do something that doesn't remind you of the kids, but takes you back to when you were dating.

  6. Go and eat chocolate, if you guys like chocolate.

    I think we all understand how editing goes. Sometimes you get a brilliant idea right at the end.


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