Sunday, June 10, 2012

Excerpt: WHAT A BOY NEEDS and something cool

One of my awesome Twitter friends made a really cool graphic for Jaden, Pris, Sebastian and Aspen. I LOVE it!!!!

Isn't it fantastic??

Okay... NOW. Here is one of my favorite fun excerpts from WHAT A BOY NEEDS. I hope you like it. Don't forget it's available on Kindle and Nook!

Suddenly, I'm not in the mood for a movie as much anymore. "Want to play a game or something first? I'm kind of feeling like kicking your butt at something."
She picks up one of the couch pillows and smacks me in the head with it. "You're worse than Bastian sometimes. I'm pretty sure I'd beat you, and weren't you trying to be a gentleman earlier?"
I shake off the Sebastian comment. "I am a gentleman. They're honest, right?"
This earns me an eye-roll. "I think we have cards here. That's probably all."
I groan. Yeah, I want to play something, but cards don't sound that exciting. "Eh. I guess."
Then, Priscilla jumps up, as though my words electrocuted her. "I have an idea." Her bare feet carry her to the kitchen and I follow behind. Priscilla grabs a stool and reaches high in one of the cabinets. I've seen this kind of scene in a movie before. Usually it's some woman cooking dinner and she reaches real high and the guy about dies from lust. I used to shake my head and laugh, but right now, I could totally die from the desires shooting through me.
Her shirt pulls up a little, giving me a glimpse of what it's covering. It's all dark brown and cinnamon and I'm totally craving something spicy.
Unlike those movie girls, Priscilla steps down with a bottle of Vodka.
"What are we playing?"
She gets down from the stool before she answers. "Go Fish."
"What?" She's already heading into the living room again and I'm right there with her. "Sort of ironic, don't you think?"
"That we're playing a kids' game with alcohol? Absolutely."
She sits on the floor at the coffee table and I fall in next to her. She's so freaking down to Earth. That's what I love about her. The girl could have anything she wants, but she's sitting on the floor with a bottle of Vodka, no cups, and about to play go fish with a guy with a pierced face who just got the cast removed that he got from punching people.
I wish I could tell her.
"Should we grab Sebastian and Aspen?" I ask her.
"No. I'm sure they're enjoying whatever they're doing much more than this."
Yeah. She's probably totally right on that one.
"What are the rules here, you card shark?" Last time we played, she kicked all our butts at poker. I'm hoping I have better luck at go fish.
"You ask for a card and if the other person doesn't have it, you draw a card and take a drink." She smiles before she starts to shuffle the deck.
"I think I'm liking this game." I rub my hands together. "We might not like it when we're in a car all day tomorrow, but for now, it's bomb."
Once she has the cards dealt I tell her to go first. See? I can be a gentleman.
"Do you have any sixes?" she asks.
I pull my cards down so they're not blocking my face, wink at her and say, "Go fish."

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  1. that is seriously my fav part in the book! Me and Pris would get along great, especially if we play go fish vodka! I love the graphic ;)

  2. YAY!! So glad you used this. WAY fun.

  3. I'll be downloading What A Boy Needs as soon as I can, but I am slightly drowning in my day job and CampNaNo at the moment lol!

  4. Cool graphic!

    GO FISH!! I loved this scene.

    Congrats on the release!

  5. Got my copy this morning and didn't put it down 'til I finished it this afternoon! It was a wonderful read! Love the four of them!

  6. Totally cracked up during this scene. Love the pic!


  7. I want to read this! Putting it on my tbr list


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