Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oregon here I come!

We're heading out bright and early tomorrow morning for Oregon! It's where we're from and we have a lot of friends there who we haven't seen in much too long. We're really looking forward to it, but I won't be online as much over the next week. I'll still be here because I'm addicted to ALL OF YOU. Love my online friends and readers, but it won't be quite as much as I am now.

Check me out though, I was a super responsible blogger and scheduled some fun posts for while I'm gone. Hope you'll continue to stop by!

Talk soon,

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  1. Ah, if only you were coming a little farther north. Have a great time!!

  2. I second Jenny's comment. Had no idea you were from Oregon.

  3. We're in Cali now, but we moved here from Southern Oregon!

  4. Enjoy your trip!!


  5. Have a great one! Take lots of pics!


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