Monday, June 4, 2012

Sebastian Speaks--Jaden

WHAT'S UP! Sebastian here. I've seriously been so busy I haven't had much time to stop by. Nyrae's been on my ass about it, but a lot has gone down. We had the road trip... all sorts of stuff with Jay. I can't get into that much because...well it's in his book and you guys gotta wait!


That's not very nice of me, is it?

I'm kidding. Seriously though--things have been crazy and my boy's gone through a lot. You guys know how we roll and when shit gets tough for one of us, it's tough for all of us, so we've been busy.

I'm here to talk about my boy's book though. It doesn't matter how busy I am I have to have Jay's back. Nyrae and I were sitting around trying to think of something cool we could do for the release because it comes out one week from today. I had a few ideas... they kicked ass if you as me, but Nyrae wouldn't go for them. She seems to think I like to cause trouble. Whatever.

We did figure out a few things though. Jay said he'd be down with answering a few questions. No spoilers, but if you wanna know anything about him, ask in the comments and I'll give them to him. He'll stop by and answer some. Nyrae's also planning on sharing some quotes from the book.

You guys know how I like to talk and there's no way I'm keeping my mouth closed this week. Our road trip freaking rocked. We had a blast and I hope you guys have as much fun too. I had to keep Jay in line a few times. You know me, all responsible and shit.

There was this one time--ouch. Oops. Nyrae just pulled the plug. She's not letting me go there.

Seriously though. I just wanted to stop by and say what's up. Hope you guys enjoy my boy's book next week. I give him a hard time, but he's seriously like a brother to me. We're lucky, ya know? To have each other. I have kick ass friends we're all stoked you guys are taking this ride with us.



  1. Aww, Bastian. You're such a good friend. I don't remember if this was discussed in the book, But how did you two become friends?

  2. So, don't get jelous cuz you'll always be my boy but do you think Jay would want to hang out at my blog one day? I mean, I know he's super busy, but after I check out his book, maybe he could answer a few questions. Let me know, Bastian. And like I said, you'll always be my boy.

  3. There's only a week to go? Yay, I can't wait!!

  4. I'm patiently waiting too. Good thing I have tons of other books to tide me over until then.

  5. Can't wait to read Jaden's story :)

  6. Hey B!!! Your boys book freaking rocked my world!!! (um....liked it better than yours - um just saying)

    Anyways, got to talk to J so it's all good. Gonna help with that book stuff.



  7. I'm way excited for people to read about Jaden :-D

  8. Oh, Bastian, you tease! Your rockin road trip has me so intrigued! I want to know more! And it makes me so happy to see you four have each other’s back. I’m eagerly awaiting Jay’s book!

    Nyrae and you are so cute! ^_^

    Okay, I have a few questions:

    For Jay: So Jay, were you responsible for that necklace that Pris kept fingering? And what is your favourite memory of you, Bastian, Pris and Aspen together?

    For Jay and Bastian: I’d be super jealous if you guys went to hang with Jenny Morris at her blog and didn’t come hang with me. Do you think you'd come hang with me at my Reading Den? It’s super comfy there. ^_^


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