Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Jay Has To Say

Hey. It's Jaden. Yep, I'm finally making an appearance. You guys didn't seriously think I'd let Sebastian have all the fun did you? My book is almost out and it's time for me to rock the internet a little bit.

Nyrae said I'd answer a few questions and you guys know I'm not like Bastian. I mean, I know I'm the shit and all that, but I don't go around announcing it to the world... most of the time. Seriously though, I don't talk about myself that much so she had to beg and plead, but I agreed.

The first question is from Andrea... I heard she's part of a group of girls who talk about "The Bastian Effect". What's up with that? I'm thinking we need some Jaden love.

Anyway, Andrea's cool so I won't talk too much shit. She wants to know how Sebastian and I met, so here ya go.

It was Kindergarten. We weren't in the same class or anything, but during the first recess on the first freaking day of school we both had to sit on the wall because we got in trouble. He asked me what I did and I told him how I switched everyone's lunch boxes to different cubby's so they couldn't find them. He started cracking up laughing and told me he got in trouble for hiding backpacks. How could I not be best friends with someone who was almost as funny as me?

Nyrae also promised some small teasers or quotes from the book so I picked one I thought was pretty funny.


I laugh because he's such an idiot with that ninja stuff. I open my mouth to say something, but Priscilla beats me to it, sneaking up behind him and sticking her foot out to hook in his. Bastian stumbles, as she says, "Yeah, look at that stealth."

Now I'm laughing even harder. "Pris just went ninja on your ass," I say as he tries to save face by pretending he did it on purpose.

"Whatever. I knew she was there."


All right. I'm out. Hope you liked it.



  1. I'm cracking up here!!!

    I'm gonna put myself in charge of the Jayden fan club- gonna call it the Jay-love!!!

    Shhhhh....your my favorite.


  2. Love it, Val. Love, love, love, LOVE.

  3. Ah, I can't wait to hear your story Jay. Ill have to learn to make room for both you and Sebastian in my heart!

  4. Cannot wait for your story, Jay! I just want to let you guys know you both will always be my boys *wink* *wink*

  5. Thanks for answering my question. I loved that story!

    Don't tell Bastian, 'cause I still love him, but I am so in Jay-love!

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  7. Thanks Jayden for sharing!!!
    Can't wait for your story! You and Bastian are so freaking awesome! :D

  8. :-) I love the story of how they met. Same mischievous sense of humor, even at that age.

  9. Cute story. LOL. Sounds like something my youngest would do.

    I can't wait to read his story!!!


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