Sunday, July 29, 2012

Celebrating the Happy :)

I love writing. I can't imagine doing anything else. I don't feel right if I don't have a work in progress going. I have so many stories to tell and so many characters to meet. There is nothing like giving them their happily ever after and sharing it with readers.

LOVE it.

That being said, there are a lot of things that are really hard about being a writer. I don't mean hard as in "I can't do it" but I mean emotional roadblocks. I know negative reviews are part of it. Not everyone will love every book and I am truly grateful for readers who just give me a chance. That means so much to me, but yeah a bad review can sting. It often dings a writers armor and that too is okay. Again, it is absolutely impossible to write a book everyone will love, so there is no anger there. But yeah, there are moments I've wanted to cry.

There is rejection when dealing with agents and editors. It goes back to what I was saying about reviews. Not everyone will like everything. So people may love it, but fear there is no market for it. There are tons of reasons we might face rejection. I understand that. Expect it and totally deal with it, but it can hurt too.

But you know what?

It's worth it.

I think it's important to celebrate the happy :)

Writing is my dream. It's my passion. I feel so honored to be doing it. When I read a good review or get an email from a reader who likes one of my books, there is NOTHING like it. I feel blessed, honored, excited and everything else. All I want is to have those readers who are passionate about the people whose stories I am lucky enough to tell. When someone says they laughed at something silly and crazy Sebastian or Jaden did. Or if they tell me their heart broke for Carter and they got something out of his journey. If one of my boys makes someone swoon or you enjoy their love story it gives me the most incredible feeling of satisfaction. I love that kind of happy.

It doesn't stop there though. I feel so lucky to have some of the friendships I've made during this journey, both with readers and writers. I've made SO many awesome friends. When one of my writer friends gets good news, I want to celebrate their happy too. It feels good to see someone's hard work pay off. I want all the happy in the world for my friends.

So yeah... I just wanted to share the happy today. People I know have had good things happen and I'm stoked for them. I got the most touching email from a reader who said Carter's journey spoke to them--that it helped them feel a little less alone and I can't tell you how special that is to me.

Do you have any happy to share? Good news? A great book you just read?

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  1. Beautiful post. This really hits home for me today. And I totally am with you. The happy is worth celebrating and just really makes it all worth it. I think we have to cling to the happy in the tough moments, because the happy is what helps us get through.

    Jennifer @ Dream Reads

  2. I love your books! Your post speaks to everything we go through in life. We are grateful for our friends who help us through and just celebrate the good things in life. Your books make me smile. Never doubt your talent. You are amazing! :)

  3. That is a beautiful happy post!!! Being only a reader, I can only try to imagine how hard it is to read negative reviews! But I think the best way to deal with it , is to stay with the positive! There are soooo many more people out there who love your work than not :)

  4. I can only imagine the sting of a bad review or a rejection. But, I know it would hurt. I think authors have to have pretty thick skin to do what they do.

    Something happy? I just read Montana Summer by Jeanette Miller and about freaked out it was so good. It made me feel all the things. I immediately went to see if she'd written anything else but...nothing. Not even a website or blog that I can send her a fan email. Nothing. So, I guess that's sad. But, the book was awesome!

  5. Love this post. And you deserve to be happy! :D

    I just finished What a Boy Wants and loved it. Can't wait to read What a Boy Needs! ;)

  6. You my personal happy at the moment. And it seems like friends are getting contracts and agents all over the place so it feels likes its a super happy summer.

    And it is important to remember all of the good because, yes, there is a lot of ups and downs in this business.

  7. You know my happy! Sebastian Christopher was born Friday. He's beautiful and healthy. I love him so much.

    Stayed up reading last night for the first time since he was born. Been at the hospital every night but I was just so happy to read again.



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