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Is live for Kindle!!

Honesty time... This is the book I spoke about in my previous post. I'm scared for everyone to read it. It's a little different than my boys Jaden and Sebastian. I mean, Carter's journey is different. But I had to write it that way because of what he's dealing with.

I hope you all love his story. It means SO very much to me. And Kira was a blast to write. As was Sara.

His whole life Carter’s fought to hold it together: To help Mom run their store. To be there for his special needs sister, Sara, and be the perfect boyfriend Mel wants. To dominate on the basketball court—the only place he ever feels free. And to carry Mom up the stairs when she’s too smashed to make it on her own.

It isn't like she has a problem. Mom loves them. If she doesn't drink every day, she's not really an alcoholic, right?


Then Kira Dawson, a girl with a bipolar wardrobe and rotating hairstyles comes to town. Somehow, she sees the truths he hides from the world. “You have skeletons, too, Carter Shaw. Don’t think I don’t know it.” For the first time, he wants someone to see his inner scars—to really know him.

When his mom finally goes too far, will Carter be able to man-up, even if it means turning his back on her and stepping out from behind the fa├žade he’s fought so hard to keep in place?

Here is an excerpt. One of the first times Carter meets Kira.

Instead of grabbing the ball, I start running lines. From one side of the court, to the free throw line, and back. Three point line and back. Half court, and then owning the other side too. By the time I'm done, my lungs ache, but in a good way. My way. Not giving a shit that I'm in the middle of a public basketball court, at a park, I collapse on the ground, one arm covering my eyes.

The warm pavement feels good against my back, seeping through my shirt. There's a part of me that's screaming at my muscles to move, to make myself get up and do all the stuff that I don't want to do, but nothing happens.

My phone goes off again. Mel's going to kill me. I need to talk to her. It's not her fault I was in a bad mood today. Not her fault I stayed up all night then took it out on her. In a way, she's like basketball for me. An escape. Maybe a much moodier escape, but one all the same.

As soon as I make the decision to get up and go see her, I hear a voice. "Second time in one day I could have kicked you. You sleep a lot."

My arm drops. Kira is standing above me, the setting sun peeking out from behind her. "I didn't fall asleep in art," I say. "That has to count for something." She'd been in my art class this afternoon too. "And I'm not sleeping now. Just resting." I stand up.

"Yeah, you were in the zone out there."

"Practice starts tomorrow. Just getting ready." I look around to see if anyone else is watching that I didn't know about. We're both quiet for a few seconds. I'm not sure what to say to this girl I don't know, I lift my arm to scratch my head instead of talking.

"Is the team any good? At my old school they sucked pretty bad. It was embarrassing."

This is something I can talk about. "We're the best. Probably take the conference this year, at least. It won't be embarrassing to cheer us on."

She laughs, and I wonder what I said that's so funny. "I'm not the rah-rah kind of girl."

I take a step back, my eyes darting to the ground. Words lost to me. It takes me a minute, and then I wonder what I'm doing. Why am I letting myself clam up like I've never talked to a girl before? Raising my head, my eyes find hers. "That's because you've never had me to cheer for." I wink at her, playing the game.

"No!" she shakes her head, laughing. It's a real laugh. Not one of those fake I-want-your-attention laughs. "Don't do that. Bring back the guy who was so into the game. The one who obviously loves what he's doing and actually cares about something. Don't be a stereotypical, cocky teenage boy."

My mouth opens. Closes. Opens again, but nothing comes out. The urge to scratch my head again comes back, but I don't let myself do it. Who is this girl? I've talked to her for a total of like 2.2 seconds my whole life, and she talks to me like we're long lost buddies or something. Am I slipping? No. Just lost step a bit. "I'm allowed to be cocky because I'm good. I can back it up. You'll see once you watch me play."

For the millionth time my phone goes off. Mel, she's who I need to see right now. I'll get lost in her, make up for being a jerk earlier, and then get down to the folder in my backpack that I don't want to see. "That's my girlfriend. I better go. You need a ride anywhere?" The words just come out, but I regret them afterward. Mel will kick my ass if I let this girl in my car. Drama is the last thing I need.

Luckily for me, Kira shakes her head. "Nope. It's a gorgeous day for a walk. Plus, I don't take rides from strangers." She winks and walks away, leaving me behind to wonder what just happened.

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  1. YAY! This book is SOOOOO good.


  2. Congratulations! I loved this book and can't wait for your readers to have if.


    I'm so glad that this is out. Buying now ♥

  4. YEAH!!! Buying it right now!!


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