Monday, July 16, 2012

Pieces of Your Heart

Every book I write is a little piece of my heart. Each character and their story touches me, challenges me, thrills me, breaks me and builds me up again. Depending on the story, it's always for different reasons, but it still happens. Even with Sebastian. Yes, his book is light and fun, but like all the characters who come from inside me, Sebastian's journey and growth still owns some of my heart. It's natural. A lot goes into crafting a character. They take up so much of your life for however long it takes to write and edit the book, that it's impossible for them NOT to be so important to you.

At least, it's like that for me.

But there is one story that's different. A little closer to home. It came from a place a little bit deeper inside me. It owns a little bit more of my heart...

And I'm scared for it to be out in the world. I'm nervous about how readers will like it or how they'll connect or NOT connect to it. I'm freaked out about how they'll feel about the character's journey and how the character deals.

I'm scared for people who I know personally to read it.

But I'm PROUD of this book. Of this character and their story and their growth. I'm glad I wrote it and I hope it gets into the hands of someone who will get something out of it. Someone who it will mean something too.

All of my books are like little pieces of my heart and it's a not always easy sending them out into the world.

I'm sure all authors have a book that's THIS one for me. Just as I'm sure readers do too...that book that you read and it's just a little bit more special to you than the rest. The story speaks to you in a different way.

Books are pretty incredible, aren't they?

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  1. I know what you mean, and I know I have yet to write this book. I have yet to allow myself to create that one character. I think I'm waiting for my writing to improve. I have NO idea what his or her story will be. But someday I will write it.

  2. This is how I feel about my WIP now too! It's so tough to put ourselves out there, because you're right, that's essentially what we do when we write these stories, these characters.

  3. I think this is the best feeling in the world and it's something rather unique to writers. Thanks for sharing :)

  4. You are making me excited to read this one!


  5. I started a book like that, but had to shelve it because I wasn't ready for it. It *is* a terribly scary feeling, knowing that it's closer to home. Not that every book isn't personal, but, yeah. It's like you said. Everyone has *that* book. Looking forward to yours!

  6. I'm trying to figure out if this is the book I've read, or the book that I got a snippet of. Either way, you're an amazing author and it's so awesome to see how deeply connected you are to your stories.

  7. I'm so excited for Carter. People are going to LOVE it. LOVE.

  8. Books are a window into the heart and soul of another person. A window that even centuries later let you communicate to each other. They are one of the most amazing things humans have ever managed to invent.


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