Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Contests and winners and conferences, oh my!

I'm sitting at my desk while Jolene Perry is on my couch, talking to her hubby back home in Alaska. Yep! That's right. Jolene is in Cali and we're having fun! We went to Barnes and Noble tonight and we've been tweaking our collab a little bit. We've worked on a book cover (for me) and chatted a ton. Fun stuff.

Thursday, Steph Campbell will be here and the three of us will hang and then on Friday, Wendy Higgins comes in. Saturday, Christa Desir, and we'll spend the weekend at SCBWI in Los Angeles. I'll be scarce online for a few days but I wanted to write a quick post to announce the winner of last weeks SWEET EVIL contest!

And of course, to post the new contest. That's right. This could be yours.

Not Jolene and I, but the book. Sweet Evil. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment with your email (and hopefully at least a hi, lol).

I almost forgot! Last weeks winner is.....


Congrats, Melissa. Thanks for entering everyone. Talk to you next week.

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PS...The picture thing? Not on purpose. Sigh. The picture was smarter than Jolene and I.


  1. Lol, now I'm no expert but I THINK it's upside down!
    If the comp is international I'd love to enter, if not that's OK. I'm in the UK. Email address is havebookwillread @ yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk.
    Sounds like you have a fantastic week planned out. Enjoy.

    Kelly x

  2. I think that what's wrong with this picture is that I'm not there, hanging out with you *grin* xo

  3. LOL!The picture is definitely upside down.I hope you have loads of fun!
    Please enter me :)

    justjanhvi at gmail dot com

  4. You guys are wearing almost the same glasses. Does Jo wear glasses? She doesn't have them on her photo in her blog.

    That's my guess.


    Have fun.

  5. It's upside down?

  6. It's an upside down picture! Tee hee! Hi Nyrae I'm a new follower (I came over through Jolene's blog). I would love to be entered.

  7. Hey :) I would love to be entered.


  8. Dude, I have the book. Can I get you guys as a prize? ;0)

  9. Hmm...I must be missing something because I don't see an upside down picture. But, I would love to be reading the book in the picture : )

    ame1184 at gmail dot com

  10. Hi hello, what's shakon bacon, what's up chuck, how you dooin, those are te only ways I know to say "hi" :) Would love to be reading this book!

  11. This is a FANTASTIC book!...and Hello :)


  12. Hi! :D

    Borrowed a copy of SWEET EVIL and loved it! I definitely need my own copy.


  13. Hello!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway :) I really want to have my own copy of this book, I hope i win :)


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