Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sebastian Speaks: Advice to Psych Chick-en

You guys know Sebastian and know he likes to talk. Well, he's been feeling neglected lately. Poor guy has been shut down every time he tries to get my laptop. I've promised him one day a month to give his Hook up Doctor advice. Check back on the 8th of every month to talk to The Hook-up Doctor AKA that crazy boy we all know as Sebastian Hawkins.

Dear Hook up Doctor,

There is this guy that sits next to me in my freshman Psych class (I know, how pathetic that I'm in college and can't bag my own man. In my own defense, I was more worried about grades than guys in high school.) Anyways, we talk all the time, he joined my study group and I am pretty sure it was because of me. The problem is he won't make a move... I have come to the realization it is going to be up to me but every time I try I totally bail mentally and just sound like an ass.

Help me man up!

Sincerely, Psych Chick-en

Psych Chick-en,

First, I have to say you totally score points for the name. And I don’t usually throw out compliments all the time, but I seriously laughed when I read it.

Alright. Now it’s time for me to deliver my expertise. Back up a little and read your message again. Do it? Good. You seriously have the perfect set up. This guy wants you. He’s making himself available. He’s doing the lost puppy thing and hoping you’ll throw him a biscuit. Give the guy a bone. Yeah, it’s hard, but ask yourself this—do you want him? Want to risk losing him? If not, you gotta go there. Sounds like you guys have stuff in common or whatever, so use it. You gotta use everything you have. The thing is, I can tell you to do it, but I can’t give you the courage to talk to him. I’m good, but not that good. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, confident girls are hot. Be confident. Use whatever ammo you have to hook him. He’s giving himself to you on a silver platter. I know I’m going to get crap for this one, but pick up a spoon, and dig in.

You totally need to tell this guy to get ahold of me. Sounds like he needs a little of the Hook up Doctors advice too. The guy needs to make a friggin’ move.

Thanks to Allie B for giving Psych Chick-en


This is just for FUN. The advice is not meant to be taken by or directed to any of my blog readers. It is for promotional reasons and is completely ficticious.


  1. I like that part about being confident. Always easier said than done.

    Fun post!

  2. "Grab a spoon and dig in." <--- lol I've missed you, Bastian!

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  4. I love it. I've been missing Sebastian. Good to hear from him :)

  5. Love this! I have missed Bastian! Glad he's back. :)

  6. Great advice from Sebastian (which is btw one of my all time favorite names).

  7. You rock Bastian!!! Def missed you, guy. Am loving your spoon comment! *picks up spoon* Hmmmm....later.



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