Monday, August 20, 2012

Tegan and Annabel's song

I'm not like a lot of writers where I have playlists for all my books. I don't usually write to music, but there are certain characters of mine who have a song. And there are times when writing where I will listen to their song over and over and it helps.

For Tegan and Annabel there is a specific scene in the book that reminds me of this song. It's become Tegan and Annabel's song and I can't hear it without thinking of them and this specific moment.

Are you big on music? Listen to it while you read or write? Pick songs out for characters you've read?

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  1. That song is beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I will now have a theme song for them :)

  2. Oh I LOVE the song! I like listening to movie scores when I write. You can find one for almost any emotion you're trying to express AND they're usually wordless. So I tend to stick to those.

  3. Oh, what scene does this go with??

    I go through stages. I listen to music during really emotional scenes but if I need to concentrate on the technical stuff I don't listen.

    But all my characters are defined but what type of music they like. If I don't know that I can't figure the character out. And if a song comes on the radio, usually I mentally categorize it as to which character would like it.

  4. Perfect in every way for that scene.


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