Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Hook-up Doctor's Guide

Hey all! As promised, Sebastian wrote his guide. It's free on Smashwords, but I'm still trying to make that happen on Amazon and Barnes and Noble :( Hopefully soon.

Sebastian Hawkins known online as “The Hook up Doctor” is taking his advice column one step further with “The Hook up Doctor Guide”. In this manual he’s revisiting some of his hardest cases along with dishing out brand new advice, too. Sebastian isn’t stopping with just these six specific cases either. He’s throw in some of Sebastian’s Rules to give girls extra advice on grabbing the guy of their dreams.

So if you've ever been a little lost on how to move out of the "friend territory" or make your BFF's brother see you as more than his little sister's friend, than this guide is for you.

You can check it out on Smashwords here

And fingers crossed Amazon will lower the price to free from there, too.

Also, I'm out and about with a post on For the Love of Contemporary today.

Last but not least, don't for get Karma Bites came out in print and ebook on the 15th! Nyrae and a paranormal. GASP. It's so strange. LOL.

I'm currently reading PUSHING THE LIMITS and loving it so much. What are you reading?

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