Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Colt and Cheyenne's song

My good friend Wendy Higgins needed something to read yesterday so I sent her CHARADE to beta read what I have so far. I was shocked she got me the whole thing in one day! Now, she just sent me a song that she said reminds her of Colt and Cheyenne and I absolutely love it. It's perfect for them!! Figured I would share it with you guys to help until it releases.

I would love to have this song on a video with pictures of Colt and Cheyenne. I might have to look into that...

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  1. LOVE!!! Can't wait for everyone to get as lost in their story as I did. *sigh*
    Hurry up and finish, would you??? lol

  2. You're getting me way excited to read this book!!!


  3. This makes me even more anxious to read Charade!! I know it will be fabulous!!


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