Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Characters are Real

Okay, maybe they're not, but they often times feel that way. Actually, that's a lie. They always feel that way to me.

I probably sound like a broken record when I say this, but books--reading and writing are primarily about characters for me. I'm a character reader and writer.

I know plot is important and things need to happen, but the heart and soul of my stories comes from inside the characters themselves.

They become very real to me. I put a lot of thought into how they might feel or act about each thing that happens in the story. I might want them to do this, but is that what I really think they WOULD do? In my head I can be yelling at my character, "JUST TELL HER" or "DON'T YOU SEE YOU'RE IN LOVE??" but the fact is, it might not be as clear to them. Or depending on the person and the back-story, they might not be able to act on it exactly when I want them to.

I work through each of my characters a lot in my head. In real life people are layered and confusing and IMPERFECT and that's what I strive for in the people I write. I really try to live inside their skin and hope like hell I can bring that same feeling I get--the emotion and how they act or what they think, to you.

This whole random, rambling post has a point. I promise. LOL.

On Friday I was working on CHARADE. In public. Starbucks, to be exact and I was writing a scene that I love. It's not the hardest scene in this book. It's not the most heart-wrenching scene I will have to write. In fact, I'm not sure it was sad at all, but I couldn't stop crying while I wrote it. Now maybe I'm just too emotional (The hubster thinks I am, lol). Maybe I was having a bad day or maybe about a million other reasons, I can't think of right now. All I know is this short scene that involves Cheyenne and Colt's mom wrecked me. It wrecked me because I felt Colt's mom's words so much.

Because of what I think they did for Cheyenne.

Because I know what it will mean to Colt.

I was so wrapped up in these people and their story and how emotional this was for them, that I couldn't help but break down myself.

Quite embarrassingly, I might add ;)

That is the power of characters for me. Everyone might not feel the same when they read it, but I can only hope some will.

We all have those characters that do something to us. The reach that hidden depth inside us that not many characters can reach. As a writer, I can only hope my characters will find that spot in some of you and leave their imprint.

Do you consider yourself a character reader? Who are some of the characters who have left their imprint in you?

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  1. I love that I have a visual on where you write. Makes me happy :-D
    And yeah... I've totally done the squeal thing, and the bring my hands to my mouth thing and the teary thing...

  2. That's happened to me too. And I feel so goofy for either grinning like a fool or getting misty eyes when I'm writing something in public. Then I look around to see if anyone's watching. Maybe the thing is, if know I'll be typing something emotional, don't do it in public. :)

  3. I freaking love you! I have a feeling this book is going to be as great as the others. Have a great day, Nyrae! x



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