Thursday, September 20, 2012

Why I Love My Boys!

People ask me all the time who is my favorite boy that I’ve written. That is SUCH a hard question to answer. Every time I write a new boy, or re-read one of my old books, I think whichever one I’m reading at the time is my favorite. Then I go to the next book and I fall in love again! LOL.

It’s because I love each of my boys for a different reason. Each of them are special to me for a different reason. I thought I’d share those with you :)

Sebastian: (WHAT A BOY WANTS)

Where to start? I love Sebastian for his humor. He’s funny and it’s impossible for me to be in a bad mood when I’m thinking about him (don’t tell him I said that). I love him for his cockiness. Honestly, he really does have a big head. But despite that big head…and probably the biggest reason I do love him his is because he’s as loyal as they come. He would go the end of the earth for Jaden, Aspen and Pris. He’s loyal to a fault sometimes. And he loves his mom. Fiercely. And lastly because big head or not, when he’s wrong, he knows he’s wrong. It might take him a little while to get there, but he will admit it and do what he has to do to make it right. He won’t give up on the people he cares about.


My dear, sweet, misguided Jaden. Like Bastian he’s loyal as they come. His friends ARE his family and he loves them with all his heart. His very big heart. I love him because he needs love and he deserves love and he gives it back 100%. I love him for his past and for letting Pris help him get over it, no matter how hard that was. I love him for going back home and also for knowing when it was time to leave forever. I love him for how very much he loves Priscilla.


I love Carter for his struggle. Because all he wants is to do the right thing and he doesn’t know how to do it. Because he loves his family… Because, IMO he’s just good. He’s a good person. To his sister, his mom, Travis, dealing with Mel and then when he falls in love with Kira. I remember when I was querying Freeing Carter and an agent told me he wasn’t likable. I was shocked because in my mind, Carter is such a good person. Yeah he can be cocky and he doesn’t always have the right answers, but that stems from him wanting to keep his family intact and wanting to be a normal, seventeen-year-old guy too. I’m not saying the agent was wrong and I’m right. Different strokes for different folks, but when I think of Carter, that’s what I think about—his goodness. His struggle and how he grows and becomes the man he was always destined to be.


Sigh. Tegan. He is swoony. LOL. IMO, one of my most swoony guys I’ve written, but that’s not the main reason I love him. When it comes to Tegan, I love him in a way for being good like Carter, but more because he doesn’t care what other people think. I love Tegan for his ability to see what’s inside people and not the surface. I love him for falling in love with a girl that others wouldn’t have given the time of day. Because he saw the girl who helped him with his brother and the girl who got along with his family and the girl who could make him laugh instead of the one who wasn’t perfect (in other people’s eyes). And to him, she was beautiful. Every part of her. It sounds silly because I wrote him, but I respect Tegan so much for that.


I love Caleb because he wants to take care of people he cares about. He wants to protect them. To be worthy of them (though he already is). Because he’s a fighter. He’s lived a hard life and he’s fought his way through it and he always will.

I have three more boys in books that are finished or almost finished: Dylan (DIZZY), Bishop (MISPLACED, Fall 2013 from Entangled) and Colt (CHARADE), but since their books aren’t out yet, I can’t really say why I love them so much yet. Don’t want to ruin it for you guys. I’ll do another one of these posts once the books are out.

So yeah…that’s why I love my boys. Must get back to writing another one…

Also, if you didn’t see, I shared an excerpt of CHARADE. Scroll down to check it out.

Who are some of your favorite book boys (any boys, not just mine)? Why do you love them so much?

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  1. Carter not likable? What on earth was that guy smoking?! Loved him for being good, and for being loyal when it would be easier to walk away. Not likable? Color me boggled.

  2. I have actually wondered this myself so I am so glad that even for you, it is really hard to pick a favorite! And I agree about all the wonderful qualities they each have, there is no way I could pick a favorite either.

    I can not wait for the upcoming books, I know they will ALL be fabulous!!


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