Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Charade Pretty

My beta and bestie Wendy Higgins has finished her read of CHARADE. The cool part is, she cried in the exact spots I cried while writing. Okay... that makes me sound a little evil. That I'm happy she cried, but those parts are so very important to me (as the whole book is), that it feels amazing that the emotion came through. That it affected someone.

Or maybe I'm just mean ;)

I did another read through (only a few tears) and now it's off to more betas! That means soon... very soon, CHARADE will be available.

And because I am mean... or maybe the opposite and this is a GOOD thing, here is a HAPPY teaser from CHARADE in picture form. And also, remember CHARADE is "new adult" so the book is a bit more adult than my YA ;)

(this photo has been purchased by me so, sorry, but no sharing it)

Sigh. I hope you enjoy it.

And I'll probably be back before Friday, but I'll for sure be back ON Friday for a super secret surprise!

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  1. Can't wait for CHARADE!! And you're such a tease for that picture, now I'm just dying to read it! Pretty please release it very soon! ;)

  2. Bah, the problem with Shutterstock is that everyone ends up using the same photos lol! I used this couple for the cover of my novella, and I've seen them on at least one other book already! I totally understand why, though. The photos are gorgeous!

  3. Yay! It's Sweet Evil of you ;) Sweet that you're sharing it with Wendy and putting yourself out there, but evil for being happy she cried, although, I don't think she minds, lol. You're the best! Hope to hear news about the release soon :):)


    1. I definitely didn't mind. They were good, emotional tears. You guys are going to love CHARADE!!!

  4. Yours is a different couple, Kyra. I saw yours and I almost used them. Mine aren't from Shutterstock and my girl has a different nationality. I also think the full pictures of your guys has tattoos :)

  5. Cannot freaking wait for it!! and.. if Wendy cried? I will surely cry too! Get those tears falling! Woot!

  6. Eeeeeee!!!!!!! Can't wait! <3 <3 <3

  7. EEEEEEP! Um....wants....badly!!!


  8. Lucky beta readers!!

    I so can't wait for this one, you are killing me here with the wait!! :P

    And can I say for the record that I love this pic? There is just something so sweet and yet sexy about it.

  9. Sexy cover! Definitely on my list to read..now.

  10. Love this Book!!!! who are the models on the cover?? that guy is too sexy.


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