Tuesday, October 23, 2012

IMPORTANT Charade 411

Amazon is messing with my life ;) Seriously though, I published Charade and it became available today... BUT, the file won't download to and Kindle, iphone etc. I have no clue what is/was going on. I emailed Amazon and I'm waiting to hear back. I unpublished the book (which it wouldn't let me do for hours) because I don't want people to buy it when it isn't working correctly, but when I look on Amazon, it's still there.


So please don't buy it yet. I'll update my blog and stuff as soon as it's fixed. I'm SO sorry for anyone who brought it already and I hope we're able to get it fixed ASAP.

If anyone did buy it and it let you download it to your device, would you let me know? I'm curious.

Thanks and sorry about whatever it is that's going on!

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  1. I didn't even know this was coming out now! Did you release it early? I was thinking it was coming out in November. I'm excited! I'll keep checking back to see when it's good to order :-)

  2. Nyrae, are you going to publish charade for nook for barnes and noble?????

    1. yep it will be on Nook. I've already done it and just waiting for it to be processed :)

  3. I got a copy just now and it loaded just fine so I think the problem has been sorted now. Jennifer Armentrout was having the same issue yesterday as well and her's looks good now too.


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