Thursday, October 18, 2012

I seem to have misplaced my memory

and I can't remember where I put it ;)

This has become a theme with me lately and I'm not sure why. I'm a bit obsessive with things and hate to be late, or feel behind or have a huge to do list. When something needs to be done, I'm the one you can count on to do it and lately...well, I forget to do those things. LOL.

I'm blaming it on my huge to do list and the fact that I'm HUMAN. It should be okay to mess up once in a while, right? I have to keep reminding myself of that.

My hubby is enjoying this change of events. Usually he's the one who needs a nudge and he likes being on the other side (it's not fun for me).

I think things will start getting better now. CHARADE is done. As in I have heard from all beta readers and tweeked, changed, and even rewrote a few chapters numerous times. I move in two weeks, which will also help and I finished one beta's notes on Dizzy and sent it off to Wendy for her read.

Hopefully with a smaller list, I'll have more time to find my brain.

Wish me luck.

What's new with you? What are you reading? Excited to read?

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  1. Hope the move goes well, and I know the feeling. Of all the things I have lost in life it is my brain I miss the most. Looking forward to Charade and will buy it as soon as it goes live on Amazon. i love your books.

    As to what I am reading I just finished J. K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy and just loved it. Now onto Melina Marchetta's Saving Francesca.

    Hope you and all of yours are wlel an dhappy!

  2. I blame having kids. Before I had them, I had a fantastic memory. I worked in HR for Australia Post for a while and we had 105 candidates for 4 different positions at various points through the process and I always knew exactly where every file was when someone asked.

    Now I'm lucky if I make it out the door with both shoes on.

    I hear your brain shrinks 20% when you're pregnant. I don't think mine ever unshrunk. And after 2 kids.....

  3. I am so excited that Charade is done, I can't wait to read it.

    I am a lot like you, I hate being late (in fact it stresses me out..big time) and I like having lists and being organized doesn't always let me be and do those things that I want to and as I have gotten older I realize that sometimes I just have to go with the flow.


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