Monday, October 22, 2012

The Hook-up Doctor's Guide~Sebastian Speaks

WHAT THE HELL'S UP? Sebastian here. Feels like forever since I've been on the blog. Nyrae's getting all greedy with the blog time. Tell her to ease up on me, yeah? I mean, you all know I like to talk and it kills me when she keeps me quiet for too long.

Yeah I'm busy with school and we all know how I like spending time with my girl, but I also wouldn't want to deprive you of my company too much either. You know, me being an in demand commodity and all.

*Aspen ducks in the room*
"You have such a big head, Bastian!"

"No, I'm honest. I mean--ouch! You're always hitting me! Will you kiss it and make it better?"

Aspen: *rolls eyes* "Finish telling everyone how cool you think you are, Bastian." *winks at Bastian and walks out of the room*

Anyway, like I was saying...hell, I don't remember what I was saying, but the point of this post is to let you guys know The Hook-up Doctor's Guide (the hook up doc being me, ya know) is finally FREE.

It's short... all for fun and just because I like sharing my expertise with the world, but Nyrae and I are hoping it's something you'll enjoy.

Check it out HERE

And seriously, tell Nyrae to let me out to play often, yeah?


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  1. Just downloaded a copy. Looks like fun. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Sebastian and Nyrae ♥

  3. Bastian rocks!

    Thanks Nyrae and yeah, let him out of his box more often will ya?

  4. Boo! It's not free in the UK! I still love you though.

    Come out and play more Bastian!

  5. Um...Nyrae...Bastian said to tell you...LET HIM HAVE MORE BLOG TIME!

    There you go my man!! (Got your back)



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