Thursday, February 28, 2013

FACADE teaser!

Sharing a FACADE teaser to celebrate that it's up for preorder! WOOT. Here you go. Hope you like it.

Tears beg for release, but I don’t let them come. Instead I set the bottle back down, wet a cloth from the first aid kit and gently wash the blood from his hand. Adrian doesn’t flinch or speak and soon he’s all clean and wrapped up. For the fist time in what feels like forever, I let go of his hand.

“All done,” I say and I know it’s a silly thing to let come out of my mouth.

Still, there are no words so I look up at him and he’s close. So very close and I notice the depth of his eyes and the stubble on his face and earring holes in his ears.

Finally his gaze leaves my eyes and they land on my lips. “I think I’ll call you Casper,” he whispers and then his mouth comes down on mine. It’s gentle at first. My instinct is to pull away. I don’t know him and there are too many secrets and too much history between us for me to let him do this, but I like the way he tastes, and can’t help but moan when his tongue slides along the seam of my lips.

And then my mouth is opening and now he’s tasting me more deeply and I’m tasting him and I have never, ever been kissed like this in my life. A slow tingle forms in my stomach and shoots through me and then he’s twisting me and pinning me against the counter. I feel his erection against stomach and his good hand in my hair.

My body is screaming YES, because it feels good to be worshipped like this, but then my mind cuts in. I see the lonely toothbrush, and know that his life is darker because of something that’s connected to me.

I pull my mouth away. “Wait.”

I know... Bad place to cut it off, but I can't share TOO much, right??

And I wanted to let you guys know, it's up for preorder. The date that you see will not be the release date. That's changing. As soon as I know exactly what that is, I will be letting you guys all know!

Preorder on:
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  1. Aaah, this was soooo good! I want more! :)) Eeep, thanks for sharing!

  2. Of course you cut it off there! lol


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