Thursday, March 14, 2013

Boston, Baby!

I took a quick break from running around my house like crazy, making sure I have everything together and generally driving my family crazy to blog and drive YOU crazy instead! LOL.

I can't believe I'm going to Boston tomorrow!

I'm so excited not only to meet some FAB authors who I ADORE, meet people I know from online, see friends, but also because I'm going to get to interact with some awesome readers! I'm super excited about this book signing. I'm so impressed with how it's all been put together and I just know it will be a good time.


I GET TO GO TO BOSTON. I've always wanted to go.

If you'll be in the area this weekend, check out the Boston Author Event, this Saturday. All the details are on the site (Free, but you have to register). I'll have copies of all my contemporary YA and NA books.

Well, I better get back to packing (and repacking). I have to leave my house around 3:00 AM and if I'm being honest, as excited as I am, I'm a little freaked out too. This will be the first time my hubby and I have both left at the same time. Grandma will be with the kids, but, yeah, I'm nervous.

Have a great weekend and I'll be back with some pictures next week! Oh...and I hope to have some exciting book related news I can share with you soon :)

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  1. SEE YOU ON SATURDAY NYRAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)
    Excited you're coming here


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