Thursday, April 4, 2013

More book signings!!

I have a few more book signings to announce.

You guys know I live in SoCal right? Southern California is a pretty prime spot for a book signing. It's also a good place to have some FUN. Totally makes sense to add the two together for an awesome night!

Check out the Summer Lovin' Book Signing and Party. It's more than your regular signing. We're talking music, dancing, food, drinks. Preorder your books and have them ready to go with a grab bag full of author swag! Buying books takes up TIME at the signings and we want to leave more time for fun. Get more information, HERE.

Also...I've had a few of you ask me if I'm going to Texas at all and now I can say, YES. I'll be at Houston Book Rave this November! You can get more info for that, HERE.

I have never done this much traveling in one year in my whole life. I'm totally looking forward to it! Hope to see some of you at these events. For more dates and cities, check the sidebar!

Happy Friday!

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