Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Games book three!

Quickie post today to let you know I've been given permission from Awesome Editor to share with you a tiny bit of information on book three in the Games series.

Are you ready??

Book three will be called MASQUERADE!!!

MASQUERADE will Maddox's story. Who is Maddox you might ask? You will meet him in FACADE. He's in book two quite a bit considering he's the brother of Laney (female main character in FACADE). BTW, Wendy Higgins, beta reader, author and BFF who has been reading this series for me as I've been writing it is pretty in love with Maddox. I hope you will be too!

And that's all from me for now. If you didn't see the image and quote I shared from FACADE yesterday, scroll down ;)

You know what?? I can't end this post there. How about a slight visual teaser of MASQUERADE?? Meet Maddox!

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  1. WOOOO!!! His story is going to be HOT.

  2. I'm dying for book 2 and your already teasing us for book 3!? Very cruel!
    Ah I can't wait to read both!!!!

  3. Gotta love a man with nipple piercings....

  4. Ouch, nipple ring. This cover gives off a steamy book.

  5. Def wants to meet that boy some more!



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