Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adventures in San Fran

So, as you know I went to San Francisco this past weekend for a book signing. It went great. I love spending time with readers. I got to meet so many wonderful people and see so many author friends. I met one of the readers (psst Amber, this means you) who has been around since the beginning of this journey for me. She was one of the first people to read WHAT A BOY WANTS and help spread the word. It was awesome to see her in person. Thanks to EVERYONE who came out. I really appreciate you spending part of your day with us!

My BFF (Tara) went to the signing with me. We had a fun girls weekend/roadtrip. We left SoCal at 5:00 AM Friday morning and made it to San Fran around 12:30. There were lots of laughs, a few drinks and lots of silliness going on. We walked around a lot, and took a boat ride, and spent hours looking up pictures and videos of Dan Feurriegel (actor from Spartacus) because he's gorgeous and what is a girls weekend if you don't look up pictures of your crush?? LOL.

I fell in LOVE with San Francisco and I am definitely planning a trip back soon. I would actually love to live there!

But... we also had some mishaps. It was hilarious at the time and might not come off as funny in blog form, but we'll try it.

Let's start with Saturday night. Tara really wanted to ride a cable car so we go into this store where they sell tickets to different things around the city. We approach a guy to ask for help. Normal, right? Well then he spoke, and he had an Australian accent. Let's just say after that we have no idea what he said because hello?? He was cute and had an Australian accent!

Fast forward to Sunday and we walk blocks in the wrong direction for the cable cars. Then we must turn around and go the other way. We get our tickets and wait forever in line. The problem was, we had to be back to the hotel by 12:00 to check out. After what felt like years in line we finally get on. It was fun and we took tons of pics and I fell even more in love with the city. The cable car dropped us off in this REALLY cool area that I couldn't for the life of me tell you where it was. I wish I knew because I want to go back. Then we cross the street to get back on the cable car... and there was a line. A really long line that was probably ten of the first line. Not good. We had an hour to get back to the hotel.

So Tara waits in line while I walk around to find someone to ask questions to. I find a man who works in the area and I start to tell him that we rode the cable car there, and didn't have time to ride it back to the hotel. Right before I ask him where to find a cab, this lady approaches and ASKS IF SHE CAN TAKE OUR PICTURE TOGETHER. I don't know her and I'm with a guy I don't know. But we take the picture. Then she asks if I can take one of her with him. So I do. Then she leaves and I start my story all over again. I'm getting a little nervous now.

He tells me there is a bus stop right up the street and tells me which one we need. I go back for Tara and we start running to the stop. Then Jolene Perry calls and I tell her (while freaking out) that I don't know where we are and we're trying to find a way back to the hotel before 12:00. She laughs and laughs and then I see a cab! I hang up with Jo and we run across the street, so happy we have a cab. I opened the door and he says, "I'm waiting for someone else!"

Our hopes were dashed again. LOL. Then I look to the left and there is a bus! OUR bus but it's starting to pull away. Despite the fact that we're from the LA area and are in LA often, we have never ridden public transportation. So, there is my bus leaving and my reflexes make me react and I run toward it and wave my hand and he stops and opens the door. Then I say stupidly from about fifteen feet away, "For me?" to which he rolls his eyes and yells, "Yes ma'am. You're standing in the middle of the street!"

So we run to the bus, pay and then we're happy. WE DID IT. We found a bus and we're on our way back and we're going to make it. GO US. The bus ride goes by rather quickly and we're giddy and proud of ourselves and laughing at how ridiculous we are. The bus pulls to the stop at Fisherman's Warf right where we need to be and everyone gets off and the bus driver looks at us and says, "You to. Come here," in a very firm voice.

I froze. I felt like I was 15 and just got called to the principal's office. The whole time all these thoughts are going through my head: "Did we do something wrong? Did we not pay enough?"I look at Tara and she has the same look of fear on her face. So we get up and slowly walk to the bus driver and say, "Yes, sir". He kindly hands us two tickets and says, "You need these so you can get on to go back" so basically he was being VERY nice and could tell we had ZERO idea what we were doing and thought we would have to get back to wherever it was we'd started at, and wouldn't know how to do it. LOL.

But we did it! And we were happy and we made it back to our car and now we have an awesome story to tell and it might even end up in a book one day :) Also, you now know that I have no problem laughing at myself because I am very aware that we were huge dorks when all this happened.

Have you ever had any wild adventures in a new city?

I also got a spur of the moment tattoo while in San Fran. The tattoo artist was awesome and he was stoked to find out I'm an author. He even wanted a book!

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  1. Ok lady...I'm not going to lie. I got some tears in my eyes reading the beginning of your post. And then I had a "squee" moment after that! It was so wonderful to meet you. It finally happened!! hehe! Thanks so much for the "shout out". I love the adventure stories you had with your BFF! That was awesome of the tattoo artist too :-) SF is a crazy city to travel in, but very cool to visit. So glad you had a great time!

  2. Sounds like you had quite the adventures! I am so glad you meet so many amazing people and had a great time!


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