Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book signing and odds and ends

I'm getting ready for the San Francisco book signing this weekend and this is what I have packed so far...

LOL. Lot's of fun promo stuff but that's all. I must get busy doing laundry so, you know, I have clothes to wear and getting directions so I actually know how to get to the place, but those things will come. I've been an editing fiend working on OUT OF PLAY with Jolene Perry, celebrating my book release JUST MY LUCK from Monday, the audio books from the 3rd, UK covers for Bastian and Jaden, and...writing. But I love it. I'm very lucky and I will get everything done because that's just how I roll :)

I hope I will see some of you guys in San Fran this weekend! Check out details for the signing HERE.

Also, something super super cool that I found out recently... Colt made it into the New Adult Crush Tourney! I totally didn't expect it and I'm so very stoked he made it. You can find a list of all the New Adult crushes that made it and also sign up to be advocates HERE. It's only open until the 15th at 11:59 so be sure to stop by ASAP.

Now I must go get ready. I'm really excited for this weekend. Not only because I LOVE meeting readers and hanging out with some of my writer besties like Jolene Perry and Steph Campbell, but it's also a girl's trip with my BFF! Those are always fun :)

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and let you guys know what's going on. Talk to you next week!

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  1. Have fun! It sounds awesome and I'm a little sad I can't come. But I think it's a little far for a weekend.....

  2. Have fun and your book signing and congrats.

  3. Wish I could be there, have a fabulous time!!

    I just finished Facade and I adored it, so heartbreaking!!


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