Monday, June 10, 2013

Sebastian and Jaden UK Covers!

WHAT'S UP! Sebastian here. Dude it feels like forever since Nyrae let me take over her blog. What's up with that? I heard she's been all into some guys named Colt and Adrian. I don't know who they are, but yeah, I'm Sebastian Hawkins. My boy Jaden and I are kick way more ass than those two.

Sebastian! *Nyrae fights with Bastian over the keyboard* You know I love you and Jaden just as much as I love Colt and Adrian. I didn't mean for you to feel like I'm forgetting about you, but--

*Bastian cuts Nyrae off* Who could forget about me?

Stop interrupting me Bastian before I have to call Aspen out here. You know she can keep you in line.

That's because my girl's hot.

Yes. We know, Bastian. As I was saying, I know it's been a while since you've hung out here, but things have been crazy busy. It's not because I don't love you. You're the hook-up doctor, right? A girl would have to be crazy to forget about you. Maybe we can schedule something up so you and Jay can meet Colt and Adrian to hang out a little. I'm sure you guys would get along.

Bet. Sounds cool to me. I gotta remind them I was the first guy in your life.

*Nyrae laughs* No one could ever take your place in my heart, Bastian. AND what's even more cool is my UK publisher HEADLINE loves all of you equally too. They've not only bought your and Jaden's books, but Colt and Adrian's too. They gave all of you guys fantastic new covers, but today is all about your and Jay's covers. Can we show them now?

Hell yeah! Let's do this.

Okay... here it is... The UK cover for WHAT A BOY WANTS. I have been dying...DYING to show you guys this cover.

Isn't it awesome, Bastian? I love your little smirk in this picture. It's so cute.

Hot, Nyrae. Hot. But yeah, you're right. It kicks ass!

Let's show everyone Jaden's cover too. I love it just as much.

*Jaden pushes into the room*
Damn, Bastian. Sorry about this. I didn't realize I was so much better looking than you until I saw these new pictures of us.

You wish, man.

Okay, boys. That's enough. You're both gorgeous and both your covers are gorgeous.

*Bastian smirks* Can't argue with the girl there.
*Jaden bumps his fist* No joke.

*Nyrae shoves them out of the room*
They're such a handful, but I love those boys so! I hope you guys love their new covers and check them out on Amazon UK below. Happy UK release day to my boys Sebastian and Jaden!!!



Also, if you didn't see my previous post about my new release, scroll down :)

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  1. I love this so much, I want to reach through the screen and kiss them! (don't tell hubby!)

    Love these two! And those covers do kick some serious butt!

  2. They're gorgeous! And I love the 'international best seller' line too.

  3. This was so adorable..the interviews..Great covers. In my head Sebastian will always be Ezra Miller. Jaden will always be Rafi Gavron.

  4. I LOVE these covers. I mean, I love your originals, but I looooove these.

  5. Oh I really like them! I might even like them better than the US covers, although I like them both.


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