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Because of you guys, Colt won his first round in the NA Crush Tourney last month. I promised you a scene from Colt's point of view and let you guys vote on what you wanted...which was an all new sexy scene. So, that's what I gave you. LOL. I hope you like it. This scene is for mature audiences. Please don't read it unless you're old enough to :) So... here is your sexy Colt scene...

(The following excerpt includes matures themes such as language and sexual situations)


It’s been a long-ass day. My muscles are sore and I want nothing more than to get inside my apartment, take a shower and pass out.

Chey’s aunt and uncle decided they needed new furniture and I told them I’d help. It’s not that I don’t owe them more than that, so even though it’s still weird as hell to be around them on days like today when Chey has to work, I did it.

And when they say they’re getting new shit? They mean a whole hell of a lot of it. They bought more on their shopping trip than I’ve probably had in my whole life but then, that stuff doesn’t matter to me anyway. What matters is my girl. I have her and Mom’s memory. I don’t need anything more than that.

I push the key in the lock and open the door. The second I step inside our small apartment, a rush of electricity starts flowing through me, waking up those tired muscles I was just talking about.

Quietly, I close and lock the door, focusing on the sound of the shower and hoping like hell it doesn’t turn off until I can join her in there.

I always fucking want her but thinking about her standing under the spray of the water, her dark skin all glistening and wet never fails to get me hard.

Outside the bathroom door, I kick out of my shoes and socks. Pulling my t-shirt over my head I let it fall to the floor before pushing the button through the hole on my jeans. As soon as my boxer-briefs are gone, I slowly push the door open, the silhouette of my tiny dancer with her hands in her hair moves behind the white shower curtain.

“Surprise.” My voice is rough with lust but I also don’t want to scare the shit out of her by just pulling the curtain open.

Her head whips toward me and I swear I can see her huge fucking smile through the curtain. Heat races through me that has nothing to do with the temperature in the bathroom and everything to do with Chey.

Cheyenne sticks her head out of shower. “Hey you. I didn’t expect you home so early. I was going to surprise you. I got the day off.”

I take a step toward her, then another one. “Looks like I got to surprise you first.”

Opening the curtain, I step inside. White suds mix with the dark brown of her hair and as much as I want to kiss her right now, I whisper, “turn around.”

She smiles. “What are you doing?”

“Finishing what you started.”

Playfully, she rolls her eyes. “You didn’t get in here to wash my hair, Colt. I’m sure you’re tired from—”

“—Shh.” Leaning forward, I wait until my lips are right by her ear before continuing. “Maybe I have an ulterior motive. Maybe I want to make sure you remember what I told you—that I’m good at this boyfriend shit. Or…maybe it’s just hot as hell to watch bubbles slide down your body.” I run my hand down her back and she shivers.

“Well… when you put it like that.” Cheyenne winks at me before she turns around. I sure as hell can’t promise how long this will last because I want her but still, I slide my hands through her hair, washing it the way she would have done if I didn’t interrupt.

I never really noticed how a woman’s hair felt until her but it’s soft, sliding through my fingers, the soap leaving a trail down her back the way I’d like to do with my tongue.

“That feels so good.” Her voice is raspy in that way it gets when she’s turned on.

“I’m glad because it’s fucking killing me. You’re fucking killing me.” I watch as suds run down her spine, take in the curve of her hips and all those dips and valleys that make her so fucking incredible to look at.

“Me too.” Chey says and then she’s turning around, her head tilted back into the spray of the water leaving her breasts wet and perfect in front of me. Nothing could stop me from tasting them. She hisses as I flick one of her nipples with my tongue, then the other. She tastes a little like soap but mostly just Cheyenne.

One of her hands goes threads through my hair as she pushes me closer to her. Knowing she needs more, I cover one peak with my mouth and suck hard, making her arch toward me a cry on her lips.

Damn, I fucking love this girl. I’ll never get enough of her.

I nip at her with my teeth, not too hard but the way I know she likes, before twirling my tongue around her pebbled nipple. Then the other, as I tease the first brushing my thumb over it before giving it a gentle pull.

“Colt…” My name trails off into a moan of pleasure. Water runs down between us, over her breasts, down her flat stomach and I want to taste every inch of her. I always do.

I slide one of my hands down her body, savoring the feel of her skin under mine. Cup her ass and then round front, and between her legs.

“Oh God,” she cries out when I push a finger inside of her.

“You feel so fucking good.”

She moves her hips and I can tell she’s already close. Tell by the way her nails bite into my skin.

“Want you, Colt… please…”

“You have me, Tiny Dancer. Always.”

The second I step away from her, my body is already jonesing to touch her again. To have her on my tongue and to push inside where she always feels so fucking perfect wrapped around me.

Quickly, I pull open the bathroom drawer and grab a condom. They’re all over the apartment so we never have to go far. After ripping it open, I slide it down my erection. I’m hardly back in the shower when her arms go around my neck and her legs around my waist.

I lift her, holding her body between myself and the wall, before I slowly, so fucking slowly so I drive us both crazy, push inside.

“Fuck.” I lean my forehead against hers, unable to move, just wanted to fucking feel. “I love you. So damn much, baby.”

“Me too. So much, but I’m going to kick your ass if you don’t start moving.”

That makes me chuckle. It’s so much like her. And who I am to deny her that? So I do. I pull out before thrusting inside her again and again. Her heels dig into my thighs, her hands pulling at my hair. Little moans climb up her throat. They’re about to push me over the edge so I cover my mouth with hers.

My tongue slips into her mouth as I pump my hips. I could do this every day for the rest of my life and never get my fill of her. I let my mouth trail down her neck, pausing only to nip at her skin the way she loves.

“So close.”

I groan at how sexy her voice sounds when it’s breathy like that.

Faster, deeper, I push into her and then pull out. Tighter she holds me and her hand pulls my hair harder and I know exactly what I have to do to push her over the edge.

I pinch one of her nipples between my first finger and my thumb. At the same time, thrust into her and lick at that hollow spot behind her ear before letting me teeth dig into her lobe with just enough pressure.

“Colt!” She calls out as her body tenses. I’m right behind her, my body exploding in pleasure that only she can give me.

The water is cold by now. She doesn’t speak, just holds me tightly, breathing heavy in my ear. After turning the water off, I climb out with my tiny dancer in my arms. Setting her on her feet, I grab a towel and start to dry her off.

“I should be taking care of you. You’re the one who worked today.”

“You’ll owe me one. I can’t help it that I’m a kick-ass boyfriend.”

She laughs but I can tell how tired she is so after we’re both dried off, I carry her to bed. Before I lay her down, she runs a hand over the back of my head, before leaning forward to kiss it. I know exactly what’s running through her head.

“I’m okay, baby.”

“I know.”

And then we climb into bed and I wrap my arms around her, still fucking shocked and grateful that this is my life. I have it because of her.

“Best. Surprise. Ever.” She lays her head on my chest.

“I’m good like that. Maybe you can give me the same kind tomorrow.”

She sighs and I know she’s almost half asleep. “And every day after that, too.”

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  1. Oh I love Colt! Such a good boyfriend he is!!!


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