Friday, August 2, 2013

Contest Winner and OUT OF PLAY stuff

You guys, I can't believe OUT OF PLAY will be out on Tuesday! It's so amazing and exciting. Jolene and I had so much fun writing this book. I hope you will love Penny and Bishop's story as much as we do! I plan on driving around to bookstores and taking pictures of it on shelves. LOL. If you see it somewhere, I'd love a picture and the city!

I've had a few readers who have asked me about what genre OUT OF PLAY falls into. I know it's hard when authors write in different genres. I try to keep them separated in different tabs on my site but I know a lot of people don't visit here too. LOL. I've had a few people tell me that they went into the book thinking it was a NA book, but it's not. OUT OF PLAY is YA. Bishop is in a band, but he technically would still be in high school. He got his GED. Penny is in high school for most of the book. She's seventeen and the hockey team she plays on is her high school hockey team. I know that age and their being in school or not isn't what makes a book NA or YA but we wrote the story as a young adult book and it's with Entangled's Teen line. I know it's not important to some of you but I wanted to address it since I've received questions about it. I DO think it would be considered upper YA though. But that's just me :)

Again, I am so excited for this book! I laughed so hard writing this book and there are heartfelt moments too. It deals with a serious subject matter but has tons of light moments as well. Jolene and I have some fun stuff in store for you guys next week. I've heard Penny and Bishop might be considering a Twitter chat :)

Now... onto the winner of the swag pack from last weeks contest. The winner is.... MOMO! Congrats!!!

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  1. Congrats Momo and best of luck with Out of Play Nyrae.

  2. Hey, this was an important post to me. :) I was that reader going into OUT OF PLAY, thinking it was NA, lol! So, thanks for clarifying!

    Also, yay! Should I email, Tweet, or Facebook you? Lol! Thank you so much!

  3. I loved Out of Play!
    I got two pages in and realised it wasn't NA :) I think it's because I adore Charade and Façade so I always think of those books when I see your name!

  4. YAY for a new book release!!

    Congrats Momo :)


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