Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hitting the reset button

Have you ever felt like you kind of need to hit the reset button on your life? I've been feeling like that a bit lately. Everything is okay. I'm happy and working hard and my family is awesome but I feel like I've let some things get away from me lately. Put extra energy toward things that I maybe shouldn't have. Tried too hard when I needed to just accept that some things are the way they are, and there's nothing I can do to change it.

And that's okay.

You keep pushing forward with focus and determination. Treat others well, be nice but don't let people walk all over you. I don't like to give up but I think there are times when you have to know when to toss in the towel. But I also 100% believe in giving things your all. I believe in fighting because most of the most important things in my world, I only have because I fought for them.

I have some close friends who are dealing with some pretty big, life altering situations in their personal lives. Things that aren't good. It's sad that sometimes it takes those situations to put life into perspective but I think it's a normal, human reaction too. When everything is going great, we tend to forget how precious life really is--how it can change in a second. That's what I'm working on right now. Trying to stay positive, and focus on the good. To appreciate what I have. There are so many people who have much more than me...but people who have less too. I'm thankful for those things that I do have. For those people in my life who are truly genuine, and working hard to be that kind of person too.

Jolene Perry wrote a post lately that I love too. If you get a chance, check it out, HERE.

Now let's share something happy. Do you have any good news? Something fun that's happened or even just something little that put a smile on your face?

And because I'm a quote person, I want to share these.

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    No. I can do better than that.
    I love my life. I do look back on the REALLY STUPID SHIT I did and think - for doing that? I didn't turn out half bad, and I'd be afraid to take any of it back, because ALL those experiences, good or bad, made me who I am...

  2. I needed this today. Thank you!

    Something happy... Is it bad I've been sitting here for about five minutes trying to think of something?

    Um today my son told me I was his best friend. I better savor that while it lasts

  3. Great post, and very true. Love the quotes, too.

  4. Great post. I've just seen the most devastating film that made me cry buckets, and honestly, my life is so fantastic in comparison. I just have to remember that. ALL THE TIME!


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