Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twitter Chat News!!!

So... at my daughter's old school they used to have back to school night after school started. My hubby and would talk about how silly that was. How much we would love to meet her teacher before school started and show her to her class before school started. It makes sense, right?

Well... guess what? She's going to a new school this year (well she went the end of the year last year but didn't start school there) and this school took our advice. Okay, maybe not but close enough. LOL. I just found out that her back to school night is tonight even though school starts tomorrow. I frantically called Jolene and she says, "OMG! My kids have back to school night tonight too". She was going to be able to make it if she rushed, but I can not. It starts at the same time as the Twitter chat. I talked to Bishop to see if he could cover for me but he sort of wants me there, so we have to reschedule.

I feel SO bad but my youngest is starting kindergarten and I HAVE to be there tonight. She is already nervous enough. Mama is needed.

So instead of tonight for the OUT OF PLAY Twitter chat, we're going to have it tomorrow evening. Same time, same place :) And I'll make it up to you guys by giving out an extra swag pack or something!

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  1. Very understandable, be there for your child and see you tomorrow.

  2. Awww!!! My daughter just started Kinder August 5th. Same thing, they're having back to school night tonight. It makes way more sense to do it before school starts or at least the first week. Have fun!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape


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