Friday, September 13, 2013

From the Heart Friday

I'm always trying to come up with different things to blog about and it's not always easy. LOL. But after waking up to a really sweet article about a marriage proposal something popped into my head...

It's no secret I'm a romantic. Duh. It's ME we're talking about, right? So I've decided that each Friday I'm going to share a love story--or something that has to do with love and romance. It might be something I found online, it might be something sweet my husband did... or it could be something from YOU. If you have a sweet story of your marriage proposal, when you started dating, a special anniversary, or if you just happen to see an article online and think, "OMG, Nyrae would love this!" send it to me at with "From the Heart Friday" in the subject line and I'll share those stories on my blog too!

I am super excited about this! I'm going to start off the week with a really sweet marriage proposal that I saw on Facebook this morning. You can read the article HERE.

Or just watch the video :)

Hope you enjoy it and can't wait to come up with something cool for next week! Have a good weekend.

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  1. I totally just cried watching this!!! Thank you for showing this. <3 !!!!!

  2. Loved Charade, and meeting you at the Gala at Pomona Valley Mining Company was a real treat for Lindy and me. Hope to see you again at another book gala soon.

    A Bookish Escape


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