Monday, September 9, 2013

UK covers

I love all my covers but I have a special love for my UK covers. I adore how they all go together so well. They all have the same look, and feel to them, and they all have BOYS. LOL.

Today I was in the mood to blog and I figured they deserve a special blog post of their own anyway... AND I'm revealing the MASQUERADE cover too. Hope you like them!

Aren't they lovely? Headline did a FANTASTIC job on these.

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  1. So pretty! But I have to wonder about saying Masquerade is an International Bestseller when it isn't even out yet....

  2. I was looking for them at WATERSTONE'S the other day but I didn't see them. I'm going to check again this afternoon. I really want print copies of WHAT A BOY WANTS and WHAT A BOY NEEDS!!

  3. They look fantastic Nyrae and the black and white adds a mysterious feel to it.


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