Sunday, October 27, 2013

So much fun!

Yesterday I had my first signing at a bookstore. It was also my first signing with just ME. I was excited until about an hour before I planned to leave, when I started to realize, IT WAS JUST ME. Which meant people had to want to see ME enough to come. Not just see me with other authors. Plain, old Nyrae Dawn.

Suddenly the excitement was gone and honestly, I felt like I was going to throw up. LOL.

I posted on my personal FB page and got some support from friends. Then an awesome text from Steph Campbell and my hubby offered to come down and pretend to be a reader buying books if no one showed (to which I explained it wouldn't work because there are pictures of him all over FB).

I went down and got to the bookstore an hour early. Yes, and hour. I walked in and one of the ladies who worked there said, "I told you she'd show up early!!!" Yeah... that's me. I can't help it. LOL.

I grabbed a pretzel to eat then went outside to call Jolene Perry and had a mini-freak out session, before I told myself that it would be fine. If no one showed, no one but me would KNOW (well and the people in the bookstore where I write three days a week).

I set up my table and they put chairs out in front for people to sit down... then a crazy thing happened... some people showed up! One of my friends drove out from Los Angeles and I didn't know she was coming. A few of the parents from my daughter's friends from preschool. And people came who I didn't know personally too! I met author Lani Woodward who is all kinds of awesome. Hilarious and super fun to hang out with. Some bloggers showed up and readers too. Some people came and went, and some stayed the whole time. In between signing, I did some Q&A, and we chatted books. TONS of book chat which is obviously like the best thing in the world.

It was pretty perfect. It was intimate and friendly. I admitted crazy past Twilight adventures and all sort of other silly things. We talked crazy endings of books and my favorite characters I've written and books I like to read. It felt like a group of friends getting together. I love that about readers--how a lot of the time, even when we don't know each other we can have amazing conversations like long lost friends. We have this incredible thing in common, a love of reading, that non-readers don't understand.

Afterward a small group of us went out to dinner were Lani and I freaked out a little over the Fever series. I'm sure everyone who sat around us at the restaurant wondered what the heck was going on. LOL.

But yeah... I think yesterday was one of my favorite days.

Big thanks to everyone who came out. I hope we can do it again soon.

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  1. I totally would have come to see you if I was in So Cal! Next time you're in the Bay Area, I'm there! :-)


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