Monday, October 21, 2013

The Reason I Read (OPENLY STRAIGHT by Bill Konigsberg)

So, I'm sitting here on Sunday evening writing this post even though it won't go live for a few days. I sort of had to write it right now, because my mind just keeps replaying the book I just read and how I feel about it over and over in my head. Figured it might help if I try to get some of that out :)

If I'm being truly honest, this has been a very strange reading year for me. I'm an avid reader. For years I've read two or three books a week. I definitely think part of the reason things have been different for me this year is the fact that I've written more than any sane person writes. Between all the names I write under and the deadlines I gave myself, it's been an incredibly busy year to say the least. But lately, I've found my mind wandering a lot when I try to read. I haven't been GRABBED, and I'm sure that has to do with me, and how my mind hasn't been able to shutdown and just ENJOY for quite awhile. I think I need to make more time for myself to just enjoy reading the way I used to. But that's a blog post for a different day :)

Have you ever read a book and wondered, WHY ISN'T EVERYONE ELSE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD READING THIS BOOK? Why isn't everyone talking about it? Why aren't I seeing it EVERYWHERE? That's how I feel about OPENLY STRAIGHT by Bill Konigsberg. I loved it so hard you guys. I spent my afternoon reading today. My afternoon! You know, when I could have been writing or editing or cleaning my house, I was reading and it was wonderful. I haven't spent an afternoon reading since March. Yes, I remember the month because I remember the book! LOL.

It was the most amazing feeling and the most amazing book. The only time I put it down was to email Jolene Perry to tell her to read it, and to Facebook that I was reading an incredible book. I want to bottle this feeling and keep it with me all the time. I want to be able to open it up and relive it any time I want.

First, it's male POV. You guys know how I love male point of view books. That's sort of my thing and the voice was just so freaking awesome in this book, you guys. My husband came upstairs at one point and I was lying in my bed laughing my ass off. Like, I couldn't stop laughing, and he gave me this strange look and said, "Something funny?" Yes, yes there was (the peeing problem. You'll laugh too when you read it). The premise was so so great and it made me THINK. I love it when a book can make me think and I'm still thinking. About Rafe (our MC) and Ben and myself and being who I am. About labels (more than just gay or straight) and what they mean to people.

And agape. I am SOOOO thinking about agape, you guys. This book gave me all the feels (and I have never used that saying before) but there were some seriously you-own-my-heart-right-now moments in this book.

And add to that the book was honest. Honest and real in the way life truly is. I think we all have to appreciate that sometimes.

Books like OPENLY STRAIGHT are the reason I read.

So, I'm going to gift (from Amazon or Barnes and Noble) an ebook of OPENLY STRAIGHT to one reader.

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And because you know I'm a quote girl, here are a few of my favorites.

"There are so many different kinds of relationships out there, sweetie. The thing that makes one okay and another not is whether it comes from a place of love. Nothing that comes from love could ever be wrong."

"It's hard to be different," Scarborough said. "And perhaps the best answer is not to tolerate differences, not even to accept them. But to celebrate them. Maybe then those who are different would feel more loved, and less, well, tolerated."

Now I'm going to go find Bill Konigsberg's other book and buy it :)

PS... You're probably wondering about the beginning of the post and how I said it wouldn't go live until a few days after Sunday, and yet here it is, first thing Monday morning. I was so excited, I had to postpone my Music Monday post.

PSS... How could I forget the love I have for Rafe's parents??? They were definitely two of my favorite characters in this book and I don't think I have ever said that about a YA before.


  1. The last book I read that I couldn't stop thinking about was FAKING IT by Cora Carmack! Why? Because... it was just so awesome! I loved the love-hate thing that was going on and how everything seemed so light and easy until... all the dark and heavy showed up. Plus, Carmack's writing and voice is so addictive! It's been a few days now and I still can't stop thinking about it. It's one of those where right when I finished, I wanted to flip to the beginning and start all over again, asap! Sigh, so goooood!

    Also, after reading your post and all the praise you've given OPENLY STRAIGHT, even if I don't win, I think I'm gonna one-click this onto my Kindle; I must check it out!

    Eep, thanks for the giveaway, Nyrae!

  2. The way you talk about OPENLY STRAIGHT, I just HAVE to read it now! Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  3. Thank you for this recommendation. I love to see when someone recommends a books for no other reason than they loved it and couldn't stop thinking about it. That is the kind of book I need to check out.
    Probably the last book I can think of that I read, that I still haven't been able to quit thinking about is Listed by Noelle Adams. I recommend that book to everyone who asks about a book to read. There is so much emotion and growth in this book and it gutted me in the best way possible.
    Thank you for the giveaway!!

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  5. Thank you for the giveaway!! Colleen Hoover - Hopeless

  6. I haven't read a book like that for ages. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm going to the library today, so I know what I need to look out for.

  7. Breaking Nova by Jessica Sorensen.
    I've added Openly Straight to my reading list.

  8. the breathing series by Rebecca donavan

  9. The broken by ker dukey it was phenomenal

  10. The broken by ker dukey it was phenomenal

  11. 3 Sides to a Circle by Jolene Perry and Janna Watts. I just found it to be such an unusual NA book in that it focused on friendships in college, which I believe are so important. And it tackled some tough issues and I found myself wondering how I would have reacted back when I was that age....

  12. Oh wow! Yeah! I LOVED this book as well.
    Rafe was easy to like and I loved the message in it. How it really isn't possible to BE yourself when you're hiding a part of yourself.
    I confess I cried at the end and I wish there was a second book.

    1. I must admit, I would do just about anything for a second book.

  13. Playing With Her Heart by Lauren Blakely....two words. Davis Milo.

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    1. I just read Wild Child by Michelle Leighton


  15. I've been having the same kind of reading year - full of books but nothing I've really connected with in a long, long time. This book sounds absolutely amazing - definitely going to check it out!! :)

  16. Life of pi. How did he survive that long

  17. Dangeous Girls. It made me go through the book and question everything I thought was true.


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