Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vildamore and Domes AKA Harry Potter at the Dawn House

I've been trying to get my daughter to watch Harry Potter forever. She just wasn't interested, and every time she said that, I cried a little. I mean, it's HARRY POTTER.

Anyway, I digress. I finally got her to start watching them. Over a two week period my oldest, M (9), youngest K (almost 6) and I watched all the movies. They both loved them, M more than K. I think K played through most of the movies, but that's okay. She's a little younger anyway. But now they want wands, and and all sorts of stuff, which I think is cool.

So, when the three of us are in the car, M always puts down the visor so she can see K from the backseat in the mirror. She tells K she can see her while she tells her a story. K chooses a Harry Potter story.

She started it out by telling us about Vildamore (AKA Voldemort. K always calls him Vildamore for some reason). So she says "Vildamore was after Harry. Harry was sleeping..." M interrupts her and says, "Harry woke up in his dome!"

I'm like... "Um... why is Harry sleeping in a dome?" I was wondering if she was confusing the cupboard with a dome somehow? Anyway, she tells me that that's where he sleeps. I, of course said that he doesn't and she's like... "What are they called? Those things you sleep in when you go off to school?"

Me, "A dorm?"

M, "Yes! That!"

K, "But what about Vildamore?!"

So... there's Harry Potter at the Dawn house. Vildemore and Domes :)


  1. That's gorgeous! I've just started reading the first one to my 6-year-old, and he's loving it. And he's not usually interested in stories, so I'm pretty thrilled that he's listening.

  2. Vildemore and Domes -- that's so freakin' adorable! <3


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