Monday, December 16, 2013

The cool thing about kids...

Is how much better than their parents they are. Whether it's little things or big things, they are so much better than we are. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Last week my nine year old was in the school spelling bee. She chose to do it. She practiced and got up in front of the school and kicked butt. She didn't win but she got up there even though she was scared and nervous and DID it because she wanted to.

I never could have done that at her age.

I couldn't have done it when I was older either.

I wanted to be on the dance team SO bad at one point. My friends were on it. They tried to talk me into doing it but I wouldn't. Why you ask? Because I was scared. I'm not good at getting up in front of people and rather than pushing through and doing it anyway, I missed out on something I wanted to do. My daughter will never do that. It doesn't mean she doesn't get nervous like I do when she has to perform in front of people but she's stronger than I was in that she will never let that fear beat her.

Yeah, she's a rockstar. I know it :). It makes me proud to be her mom and that's what I told her when she didn't win. She was heartbroken but she did something pretty damn incredible. That's what matters.

There's my little bit of positive for today :)

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