Thursday, March 6, 2014

A Special Memory and Searching for Beautiful

I just wanted to share a fun fact about SEARCHING FOR BEAUTIFUL. Those who have read it, do you remember the scene where Brynn thinks about her seventh grade dance? She had a huge crush on this boy, who she thought she loved. She was standing by the door and he called her name and did the little finger crook thing. This boy took her to a corner of the gym and asked her to dance. Her friends cheered for her in the background and when the dance was over she ran to the bathroom and she and her friends laughed and cried.

That story is true :)

The boy I "loved" was Dustin. He knew I liked him because a friend wrote a letter that spelled it all out and the boys got ahold of it. You know where it goes from there. Dustin didn't like me back but he was one of those rare, big-hearted young boys who never would have teased me for liking him. Instead he was the boy who asked me to dance just because he knew it would make my night. I will never, ever forget him because of that. I will never forget dancing with him or him trying to teach me to skateboard my freshman year of high school. To this day I can't hear End of the Road by Boys II Men without remembering the boy with the big, blue eyes who asked me to dance. Not because I really loved him or because I wonder what could have been but because I know the thirteen-year-old Nyrae believed with all her heart that this was the boy for her. That in that moment where we danced a young girl thought anything was possible, thought she was invincible. Maybe it was wrong to feel that so strongly because of one dance but I think that's what being young is all about. Everything is big and that was one of my biggest moments. I look back on it now that I know what love is and I'm in love with a great man, and I smile. The funny thing is, I can see my husband having done something like that too.

So, yeah. There's a fun, little tidbit about me.

Do you have any stories like that that you will never forget?

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  1. Oh my gosh that's the sweetest thing ever! Your lucky you knew someone like that, none of the guys at my old school where like that, and if they did happen to have a crush on me, it's because they liked my twin and she didn't like them so they moved on to me. That's about as much love as I got. :)

  2. I'm sure your hubby would do anything for you. This was a lovely story. Things can seem so big in your teen years. At least he made you happy for that sweet moment.

  3. That's a beautiful story. I don't think I have one to compare to it at all...


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