Monday, April 14, 2014

Music Monday: RUSH edition

RUSH is the first book I've never written where I actually have a full playlist for the book. I usually don't listen to music much while writing but for some reason I did with this book.

To prepare for the release on May 6th, I decided to share some of the songs and lyrics each week. These will help you see where my head and heart were a little bit while I was writing Alec and Brandon's story.

For the love of the game.

Brandon Chase has always defined himself by one thing: football. Tough and athletic, he is a great college player who enjoys the hard hits and the sweaty grind of the gridiron. But when Brandon is injured, only one person can help him get back on track--a forbidden love he's desperately tried to put behind him.

Alec Andrews has never quite forgiven Brandon for walking away when their friendship turned into something more. But he can't deny help to one of his closest friends. As the two spend the long, hot summer working together, their old attraction comes flooding back.

Now as Alec thinks about coming out to his conservative family and Brandon considers revealing he's a gay football player, the two men must be strong to fight for a love that could be the greatest rush of their lives.

"Devastatingly relevant, engaging, sexy, and ultimately heroic. Rush is the kind of book that will keep you reading late into the night." -J.H. Trumble, author of Don't Let Me Go

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New York by Snow Patrol

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  1. I usually don't listen to music much while writing but for some reason I ...


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