Thursday, May 29, 2014

Reason eleven million I love my husband

He is obsessed with motorcycles and dirk bikes. That's not the reason but he's been taking a class to learn to work on them. He likes it and he can work on his own bikes for fun which is like heaven to him. Well, there is this guy in his class who is in his forties or so. He has to ride a bicycle everywhere because he doesn't have a car and doesn't have much money. He saved and bought a cheap motorcycle that needed some work. My hubby picked it up, and brought it home to work on it. He did all the work for free and also came to me and said, "The bike needs more parts than we thought. he doesn't have much money so I'm going to buy the parts for him. I just wanted you to know." THAT is the reason. Yes, he enjoys working on the bike but he also did it because this guy needed help. He could have charged. He definitely didn't have to buy parts for this guy with his own money but he did because this guy needed it and he could do it for him.

That is the kind of thing that will get me every time. Guys with a big heart. Now you see why I write the kind of guys I do. Some might be cocky, sarcastic, a little closed off or broken but they ALL have a big heart underneath it.

Seriously, how did I get so lucky?

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