Tuesday, May 6, 2014

RUSH is finally here

Have you ever had this really huge event in your life that you waited and waited for, time ticking by so slowly it doesn't feel like it's moving at all? Then it's there and even though you're still SO excited about it you're suddenly scared out of your mind?

Well, that's me right now. LOL.

I've waited what feels like forever for RUSH to release. This book is so special to me. Alec and Brandon are so special to me, that I feel this huge weight on my chest to get their story right. Crazy as it sounds, I feel like I owe it to these characters to do their story justice. To show you those parts inside of them that they're afraid to show to the world, and to make you feel it. To make you live it. That's always what I strive for as an author but this feels just a little different. We're not supposed to have a favorite book because they're like our babies. It's like choosing one of your kids you love more, you can't do it. But in reality, RUSH is that book for me, and more than anything, I hope I did Alec and Brandon proud.

We all know that the issues my boys face are lived by people every day of their lives. When I wrote RUSH, we didn't have college football players who were publicly out. I wrote a post about it recently, which you can find HERE, but it's pretty amazing that just since this book was written we have players like Michael Sam, Mitch Eby, Conner Mertens, and more who have come out. So many times you hear people say that once they're out, they feel free. I can't imagine feeling locked inside myself like that. I can't imagine feeling like no one really knows me because they don't know this important part of who I am. And let's face it people, the sports world can be even harder. So yes, I feel like I owe it to the people who are, or have experienced Alec and Brandon's journey, to get it right. I did my best and I hope you enjoy their story.

For the love of the game.

Brandon Chase has always defined himself by one thing: football. Tough and athletic, he is a great college player who enjoys the hard hits and the sweaty grind of the gridiron. But when Brandon is injured, only one person can help him get back on track--a forbidden love he's desperately tried to put behind him.

Alec Andrews has never quite forgiven Brandon for walking away when their friendship turned into something more. But he can't deny help to one of his closest friends. As the two spend the long, hot summer working together, their old attraction comes flooding back.

Now as Alec thinks about coming out to his conservative family and Brandon considers revealing he's a gay football player, the two men must be strong to fight for a love that could be the greatest rush of their lives.

"Devastatingly relevant, engaging, sexy, and ultimately heroic. Rush is the kind of book that will keep you reading late into the night." -J.H. Trumble, author of Don't Let Me Go

"Every word was packed with so much emotion that at times I felt like my heart couldn't take it anymore. I want my kids to read it, my students to read it, everyone to read it."--Julie Prestsater author of Without You

"Alec and Brandon's story is touching, heartfelt, and real. Nyrae Dawn had me riveted by page one, and the hopeful ache in my chest didn't leave until I finished the book. You will laugh, cry, and cheer for these boys."--Ellis Carrington

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Also, Steph Campbell interviewed me on her blog. You can find it HERE. I'm giving away RUSH swag including one of Brandon's football cards.

I'm also having an all day release party on Facebook with teasers, quotes, giveaways and more! Check it out, HERE.

A huge thank you to everyone out there who has shown me your support with RUSH. It means so much to me.

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  1. Congratulations on getting this out into the world. I seriously can't wait to start reading it!

  2. Hy, Nyrae. I never read any of your books, but since I do love read books about M/M, you're on my list now.
    Congrats for your release day.

    The Butterfly Reads Blog.

  3. Got my copy less than one hour ago! Also got the gift card I needed today. Coincidence? Congrats on your new book and I can't wait to read it. I get it about wanting to keep the story authentic. I'm sure you did, congrats and best of luck Nyrae.


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