Sunday, July 13, 2014

Reader Party

This weekend was the second annual Summer Lovin' Reader Party. This event is more than a signing, it's a party, where readers and authors can get together, hang out and have fun. My friend Julie Prestsater is the mastermind and she's let me come along on the journey with her the past two years. It's a lot of work during the year. It's pretty stressful because we want things to go smoothly and for people to have FUN but let me tell you it was all worth it.

We had a great amount of readers show up. The signing portion was first. I sold out of RUSH, which was pretty cool. I had some readers show me gorgeous scrapbook pages they created, and even had a reader make me cry when they spoke to me about how one of my books affected them on a person level (good kind of cry). I love time with readers like that. Writing can be so lonely at times and I really look forward to time spent with readers, with people who are passionate about the same thing I am--books! Once the signing was over, we moved to the next ballroom where Midnight Hour performed an acoustic set. They were great. The lead singer said it was his first book event and he didn't know readers and authors were so loud. He said he had the most fun he'd ever had performing for a crowd, which didn't surprise me. Book people know how to party :)

After the band, the DJ took over. There was dancing and laughing for the rest of the night.

I loved this weekend. It was just what I needed. The weekend felt like a fresh start, in a way. It got me excited about things in a way I haven't been in a while.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Some are from the Friday night PJ party we had. Some are from set up Saturday before the reader party and some are of the event itself.

Julie and I had been so stressed, we weren't sure we wanted to do it again next year, but after last night, we're already planning the next event!

Yep that's authors in a shower :)

Barnes and Noble set up

I hope you guys try to make it next year. We're planning on making it even more fun than it was this year! Huge thanks to Julie for letting me be a part of this, her entourage for being so, so awesome and for all their help. Thanks to the participating authors and also to the readers who came out and made this reader party so special.

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