Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Post Where I Update You :)

Book Signing: I will be in New York this week for Chapter by Chapter Book Rave. I'm super excited about this book signing. I've never been to New York and I can't wait to meet local readers! The signing is Saturday September 20th. You can find all the details, HERE.

LGBT Center Donation: I'm "officially" done collecting clothes for the LGBT Youth Center in LA. I currently have a corner of my office full, three boxes in my trunk and two in my garage! Because I'll be gone this week, and since I won't be going to take the clothes in until the end of the month, I can continue to accept donations through Monday the 22nd. They must be in on that date because I'll be making my trip to LA soon after. I'll post a picture soon and show you guys how awesome you are with all the donations you sent in. I'm really honored. I'll post the winner of this giveaway next week. Remember it's for a signed copy of ALL my books! PS... I got a big box all the way from London, you guys! How amazing is that? If you have no idea what I am talking about, you can find my original post, HERE. Oh, I'll also be taking pictures and maybe some video when Melissa and I go in to make the donation. I'll share that as well!

Books: I've gotten a lot of messages and questions about books. I assure you I have been busy, busy! I have more than one book in the works right now, one finished and the other is with beta readers. I should have more info to share with you soon but until then, I'll leave you with an unedited excerpt of the book I just finished. It's called THE WEIGHT OF DESTINY. This is what I call my Virginia Woolf story. Enjoy Ryder and Virginia. I'm pretty in love with them. :)

“You’re strong and beautiful,” I tell her

Virginia chuckles softly and shakes her head.

“It’s just a different kind of strength. You are who you are and you don’t care what people think. You don’t care if you’re sober at a party where everyone is drinking. You don’t give a shit if you’re the girl who leaves to do her homework because that’s important to you.”

“Is it still strength if the reason behind it is fear?” She sounds like she’s drifting away, her voice getting softer and softer. I need to reel her back in, keep her close so I roll to my side. Lean my head into my hand and let my elbow prop me up. With my other one, I brush her cheek with my thumb.

“I don’t know. You’re the smart one. Regardless, I know you’re strong.” Because I know she’s dealing with more than I’ve seen, I just don’t have a clear picture of what it is.

“We’re still different though, so why me?”

Words get trapped in my throat. I can tell her it’s because of what we said—she’s beautiful and strong. I can tell her it’s because sometimes the loneliness in her eyes mirrors mine, only I didn’t know it was there before her. Maybe it’s to prove I won’t screw up with a girl like her the way Luke thinks I will. There are a million possibilities, not all of them good. The only thing that manages to come out is, “Because the weight isn’t as heavy when I’m with you.”

Her breath hitches. I let my fingers gently glide against her neck, her throat. “The weight of what?” she asks.

When she speaks, I feel the words vibrate through my fingertips. It’s a crazy-wild feeling and I want it to keep going, want to touch all her words.

I don’t know… I shrug. “Of everything.”

But it’s not my words that settle into my chest. It’s hers. Virginia shakes her head and answers her own question. “Of destiny.”

It’s in this moment I realize I’m not sure if the life I’ve always seen for myself is the one I want. Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. I’ve always just accepted it, accepted my fate, my destiny. Dad always told me I’m good and I needed that. Craved to be good at something. Dad never asked what I wanted, he just assumed.

Luke tells me what I want, tells me I’m stupid for what I do. He never asks either.

But is it what I want?

It’s another thing I don’t know. There’s something I'm confident in though. “Virginia?”

“Yeah.” She rolls her head to the side slightly so we’re making eye contact.

“Just so we’re clear this time, I want you to be my girlfriend.”

Her smile is so big I think it could make the whole world happy. “Yes.”

One last thing--I will have something really cool to share with you soon. I'm having something made for the books I've been working on and I think you'll really like it.

Have a good week! Hope to see you in New York!

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