Thursday, December 11, 2014

Huge announcement!

Hang tight, folks. This is going to be a long one. It will be worth it though :)

In early 2013, Allie Brennan sent me a picture she knew I would love. And I did. A lot. The second I saw it, I knew I had to write their story. I was crazy busy at the time--tons of contracts and deadlines so I couldn't get to it right away. Every week or so, I would pull this picture out and look at it. I have no idea who the people are. If they're models or if it's from someone's real life. It's not mine. I don't own any rights. But it was inspiring.

I posted it on Facebook one day and everyone fell in love. Before the day was over, they had names (Bradley and TJ). Later that week, they had a story. I didn't have time to write the book, but I made time. That's what you do when you love something, you make time for it. I probably drove Wendy, Jolene, Allie, Kelley, Christa and Steph crazy talking about this book but like always, they deal with my craziness :) I loved the story. I loved the journey. I wrote, a few of them beta read. I revised, sent it to my agent and eventually it went on sub.

While I waited, I couldn't stop thinking about TJ and Bradley. I contacted an artist who drew something up for me. This is NOT the cover, but it is Bradley and TJ. This is from their book and I'm pretty in love with it.

Artwork by Jeminabox

And now, I can finally announce that their story, which was inspired by such a cool photograph will be published from Harmony Ink.

THE HISTORY OF US is about two boys, both out, who go on an epic road trip to make a documentary for TJ's film class. Sometimes it's not about coming out, but about settling in. That's sort of the basis of this book--settling in, learning about who you are, and their journey of discovery while interviewing people from all sorts of different backgrounds while on their trip.

I can't tell you guys how excited I am to work with Harmony. I read a ton of their books, both their YA side and from Dreamspinner. I know they are a great home for THE HISTORY OF US.

More information soon :)

And wow, that didn't end up as long as I thought it would!

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