Thursday, October 20, 2016


Honestly? This day felt like it would never come. LOL. I'd wanted to write Hunter's story for a while. I knew a boy like Hunter once. Not everything is the same, of course, but there are some similarities between Hunter and this boy. I struggled to write the book until Stray popped into my head. And then Rosie. Then Casey. Then Bethany. Once I met all of them, the rest of Hunter's story formed from there.

I love these people individually and together. I love their friendship and their flaws. My heart broke while writing TURN THE WORLD UPSIDE DOWN, but I also felt hope as well. It's one of my favorite books I've written. I hope it resonates with you. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Hunter Donovan’s life always seemed perfect, but there was something rotten beneath the shiny surface. When the truth comes out and his dad is sent to prison, Hunter can only react with anger. His rage boils out of control, leading to a violent incident at school, and then to Hunter being sent to a mental health facility—Better Days.

Hunter doesn’t see how therapy can help him. If it can’t change the past, what good is it? It’s not like he can go back in time, see the horrible things going on right under his nose, and put a stop to them. No, he should have found that strength when he had the chance, and now it’s too late.

There is a ray of light at Better Days, though, in the friendships Hunter forges. Anxiety-ridden Casey, uninhibited Rosie, recovering bulimic Bethany, and Stray, a self-harmer who’s never had a home, lighten Hunter’s feelings of isolation.

Despite the connections he’s forming—and even the love blossoming between him and Stray—Hunter can’t escape his shame and remorse. If Hunter can’t open up and find a way to deal with what happened, he might end up another casualty of mental illness, just like one of the friends he’s grown to love.

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